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Nov 15, 2007 04:21 PM

San Diego (SD) brunch with vegan option(s)

I'm looking for a place where I can get a delicious vegan brunch. I'm going with a bunch of non-veg people (5 of us), so either a vegetarian or non-veg restaurant is Ok. I don't care how wide the selection is, really, but I would like something that's realiably vegan and tasty / flavorful. A delicious tofu scramble is fine; a disgusting and bland one, not so much. Vegan waffles or pancakes would be even better. Breakfasty foods are good, but lunch foods will do if not. Refined sugar and honey are Ok... just no meat, dairy (including whey, etc.), or egg.

I was hoping to go to Spread, but they said there is no more brunch, even though their website says there is. And Kung Food is closed now, and at least one person hates Mexican, so Pokez is out.

A few other options that seem Ok (but not great):
* Sipz
* Jyoti Bihanga
* Cafe Zia (think there is still one location open? not sure)

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  1. Really, no more brunch at Spread? That's too bad - I really don't have any better ideas for you than what you've mentioned. I might just suggest trying the Mission Cafe's (North Park, Downtown, Mission Beach), Isabel's Cantina, or Cafe Zinc (is that what you meant by Cafe Zia?) in Solana Beach. Jyoti Bihanga keeps odd hours, so definitely call before you head over there. Good luck!

    1. does cilantro live do brunch?

      any place that serves breakfast-y or brunch-y food will probably have some sort of whole-grain hot cereal dish [i.e. oatmeal] and fresh fruit on the menu for your vegan diner. they'll just have to make sure to order the cereal prepared with water [or soy milk] instead of cow's milk. i've had them do it for me at naked cafe in solana beach, and they have a great menu.

      i know ki's in cardiff also has at least one or two tofu and/or tempeh dishes on their lunch & dinner menu, and they serve breakfast well into the if you go after 11:00 or so you should be able to find something for everyone.

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      1. re: goodhealthgourmet

        The vegan diner is me, and I'd prefer something a little less boring than hot cereal and fruit, even if it's good.

        Ki's looks interesting, though maybe a little farther than we'll want to travel.

        1. re: will47

          sorry, i read the op so quickly i didn't realize you were the vegan.

          i like ki's. very casual, order& pay at the counter & they bring it to your table. it's right on the 101 across from the beach, with a fantastic ocean view if you can snag a good table.

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            I'd go to Jyoti Bihanga. That's gonna be your least boring option.

        2. I've been to Big Kitchen in South Park with vegan friends, and there are at least a few good options for them on the menu. The one that sticks out in my head is a tofu and veggie morning stir-fry with brown rice. The portion was HUGE - at least enough for two people or two meals. Oddly enough, I remember that they (at the time, at least) didn't have soy milk, which made the normal cereal/hot grain options out for the vegan diner.

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            x2 on the Big Kitchen. I seem to remember they now have soy milk as well.

          2. Just to follow up, we went to Zia, and it was pretty good. All wraps, which aren't really my thing, but they were tasty, and everyone seemed pretty happy with the food. Only snag is that they put cheese in my first wrap, even though I asked for it without cheese.

            1. Toronado on 30th has sunday brunch with almost all vegan food. Some gluten free, as well. Lots to choose from. Definitely worth checking out.