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Small wedding in Connecticut

We're planning on getting married this summer in Connecticut, and were wondering if anyone could recommend any inns or restaurants that would be small and romantic, with great food? We do have a budget to stick to, but are definitely open to creative suggestions that could fit about 50 people.

Thanks for your advice!!

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      We got married at Silvermine Tavern and enjoyed it. Other places that we looked at and liked (although I've never eaten at either) were Stonehedge in Ridgefield and Roger Sherman Inn.

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        i'll third the tavern. deb and i held our wedding reception there. it was lovely.

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        My wife and I were married at the Silvermine also (13 years ago). Very well done, great deck for the ceremony.

      3. The Boulders on Lake Waramaug in New Preston CT. Or other Waramaug properties.

        1. What part of Connecticut? How much do you want to spend per person? Do you need lodgings on site?

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            Not Luca's. While the food was very good at an event I attended, the service was abysmal.

            If price is no object, Pulpo had both outstanding food and outstanding service.

          2. The Roger Sherman Inn is lovely. New Caanan area.

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              deb and i held our rehearsal dinner at the roger sherman. it went over really well.

              1. I organized a similar-sized event at Le Cremaillere in Banksville (just over the border from CT, sort of between Bedford and Armonk). Food is classic French, and very good. Setting is quaint & country. There are a few private spaces you could have.


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                  Good thought.

                  If Brewster isn't too far, The Arch would be lovely. The food and service are, in addition, outstanding.

                2. When my wife and I were looking for spots in CT to get married (back in 2004), we absolutely fell in love with the Hop Brook Tavern in Simsbury. It's a >200 year old mill, with great ambiance and a waterfall view outside. Our wedding was going to be larger than they could realistically accommodate, but for around 50 people it would be absolutely perfect. Their prices were pretty decent as well, and it sounded like they had a lot of creativity and flexibility in the kitchen. We've always said that if we were going to rent out a place for an anniversary party, that would be the place to do it.

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                    Hop Brook closed it's doors years ago abruptly. There were rumors of the staff re-opening.

                  2. not sure where you're looking, but we got married at Adrianne in New Milford. Perfect for 40-50 people, wonderful food... nice setting for both indoor and out.

                    Even my food snob friends gave it rave reviews :)

                    1. Thanks everyone! Unfortunately, the Hop Brook Tavern closed a while ago, but we'll definitely check out the other options. The Silvermine Tavern looks especially perfect and romantic. We're also thinking of Cobbs Mill Inn and Hopkins Inn on Lake Warmaug, in case someone else is looking for ideas.
                      Thanks again!

                      1. Ugh- sorry, but I hate Luca's, and prices were ridiculous when we investigated it for our rehearsal dinner. Beautiful upstairs room, but the steak is always mediocre!
                        We had our rehearsal dinner at Stonehenge Inn in Ridgefield CT. Food and service were great. I know they do weddings. Might be pricy.
                        Other restaurants... hmm... you should check some of the local wedding boards- lots of great tips. I liked: www.weddingreports.com because there are numerous reviews (much like chowhound) from users.

                        1. Where in CT? I was located in SECT in New London/Mystic area. There are some great locations in Waterford, Old Saybrook, NL, Mystic, North Stoninton, etc.

                          I had mine small wedding in NL at my moms house near the beach. It was perfect. The Lighthouse Inn (behind my moms house) has an amazing menu and a gorgeous area for an outdoor wedding. They may be booked already for next summer though...

                          LMK if you want more info about the area.

                          ETA: My friend had an amazing wedding at the Art Museum in Old Lyme. I forgot the name. Absolutely gorgeous grounds! Good price too!

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                            thanks everyone (again), you certainly have some romantic ideas... unfortunately our numbers our growing (family pressure) so hopkins is out but we'll check out the other locations- the lighthouse inn looks especially beautiful. any places to stay that would be affordable for family traveling in, probably in fairfield or new london (depending on the area)?