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Nov 15, 2007 03:39 PM

Red Car Wine Release

Just received my Red Car Wine allocation for the Amour Fou, The Aphorist, and Vinyl. I am curious to see what your opinion(s) of these wines are..Kindly let me know.

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  1. Interesting lack of responses.

    Should that be read as a commentary on Red Car wines?

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    1. Great labels. I had one of their Pinot Noir at a charity tasting. I didnt recognize that it was a PN. I thought it was some kind of red blend. It reminded me of some of the wines that you get from top quality wine kits. Okay, no nuance, good picnic/casual wine.

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      1. re: chrisinroch

        "no nuance, good picnic/casual wine"

        At 100+ bucks ?

        Red Car must be some kind of a joke...

        1. re: RicRios

          The most expensive wine at this tasting was maybe $55 and most were in the $35 and under range. We must be talking about different wines from this label.

          1. re: chrisinroch

            Red Car is getting pricey, but the Box Car line is still under $30 a bottle. Personally, though, I prefer their smaller production bottlings. The 2005 Amour Fou was unmistakably Pinot Noir; fairly subtle, utterly drinkable. The Shake Rattle Roll is very silky Syrah, a little pricey at $50 but then so are many other wines. The Aphorist is miniscule production (maybe 200 cases or fewer) which accounts for the high ($70 or so) price. Red Car has not reached the $90 and up zone. Pax on the other hand...

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              OTOH, Edmunds ST. John is still ridiculously affordable! Oh, shhhhhhhhh, never mind! ;^)