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Nov 15, 2007 03:36 PM

Cheese grits

I'm trying to replicate a really tasty cheese grits that I've had at Peter's Inn in Baltimore, Md. All the recipes I've tried have been rather plain in comparison (their cheese grits are rich and flavorful). The last recipe I tried was a cheddar/parmesan combo.

What's your favourite recipe?

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  1. I've tried it a couple of times and have come to the conclusion that it has to do with the quality of the cheese, and the strength of the flavour of the cheese.


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      I agree with Annie. Grits are the sponge that carries the flavors....good cheese, good flavor. Don't discount the effects of butter and proper seasoning.

    2. It might also have to do with cooking in stock/broth rather than water. They also probably added some cream and/or butter. Adding more salt can really add to the dish. I think a lot of us non-professional cooks tend to undersalt our foods.

      1. My basic recipe for cheese grits, which I make all the time, is 1c. stone ground grits, 1 can low sodium chick. broth plus enough water to equal 4 cups, 1 tablespoon butter, 1 tsp. salt. Cook low and slow then add 1-1/12 cups good Vermont cheddar, or whatever kind of cheddar you have around but like the other posters said, the better the cheese, the better the grits.

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          This is similar to mine, though I sauté some garlic to mix in, and use a lot of salt, fresh ground pepper, Worstershire sauce and Tabasco. This is our family’s Garlic Cheese Grits and they are superb.

        2. I made this recipe from Top Chef a few weeks ago for a dinner party and everyone there was begging for more. These grits are amazing....even if you just want to eat them on their own without making the shrimp part of the recipe.

          1. I can't help replicate the recipe above, but for my own...

            I always make mine with broth, for starters. Chicken broth most commonly because I always have that on hand. Then I add about a teaspoon or so (depending on how big a pot I'm making, of course) of chipotle powder that I get from Penzeys. I don't usually add butter or cream if I'm going to be adding cheese, but if I am not adding cheese, then I'll add a splash of cream just to give it some richness. I bring all that to a good simmer then slowly sprinkle in the grits while stirring.

            I use whatever cheeses I have on hand, usually that's Cabot cheddar or the Kirkland four Mexican cheese blend that we buy in the big bags from Costco. Occasionally I'll buy an extra sharp or hunter's Cabot cheddar and use that.

            The chipotle adds a really nice dimension without being overpoweringly hot. :)

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              Nice. I like the sound of that (and I love my Penzey's chipotle...).

              I'll try that tomorrow night. Thanks everyone for your suggestions! I may have to have a grits week to try these all out...