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Nov 15, 2007 03:17 PM

SW Steakhouse?

I am probably going to be spending New Year's in Las Vegas this year. I lived in Las Vegas for 8 years, so I know my way around the strip. However, I have never eating at SW Steakhouse. I know that they switches chefs this year, so I am a bit concerned about that as Eric Klein was pretty well respected. Does anyone have any before and after reviews? In the past, I really enjoyed Delmonico's and Charlie Palmer Steak.


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  1. The steaks are still good, the menu doesn't have any of the really fantastic touches that Chef Klein had given it. If you plan to eat there on New Year's eve, don't. They will have one seating with a tasting menu, not worth the money.

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      Thanks. We are probably going to eat there on Sunday night. What looks good for NYE? We are thinking about trying Koi at the Planet Hollywood (considering we are staying there).

      1. re: Random987

        I haven't had been to any of the restaurants in the "new" Planet Hollywood Resort. I think just out of convienence they would be a safe bet.

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          My friend went to Koi and said it was really good. A lot of celebrity sitings also.

      2. I just went there this past weekend. The steak was excellent, one of the best I've had. The atmosphere was also really great, outdoor seating by their waterfall garden. The sauces were not so good, but we went for the steak. The sides were excellent also.

        1. I'd go to Stripsteak at Mandalay Bay for great steak with lots of extra touches that a great chef like Michael Mina brings.

          1. Turns out the pre-fix menu on New Year's Eve is $375, plus, plus! Holy Cow!!