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Nov 15, 2007 02:37 PM

Best Chinese barbecue in Seattle?

I'm looking to get some good Chinese-style roast pork and roast duck for takeout tomorrow. I've made a mental note of places I've been meaning to try, but I have run out of time to do taste tests. Can anyone recommend a place that's reliably good and open at least until 6pm?

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  1. Kau Kau makes very good char shu. Although many people rave about their duck, I find it pretty ordinary.

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    1. re: kirkj

      Someday I hope to try something other than the BBQ Pork at Kau Kau, but I can't break away from the habit of getting it =)

    2. King's Barbecue in the ID, but I don't know their hours. They do everything from roast duck, chicken, and pork, to whole suckling pigs. Barbecue is all they do.

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      1. re: PAO

        I second this place, if it's the same one I'm thinking about (the one across the street from the old Uwajimaya site)

      2. Harbor City duck isn't bad, but I do go back to Kau Kau for cha siu

        1. The takeout place, located inside the Renton Ranch 99 Market (Great Wall Shopping Mall), has the best Chinese-style roast duck I've had in the greater Seattle area. Been to many of the popular I.D. spots that have roast duck (Kau Kau, King's, Ocean City, etc) and none of them compare to this nondescript takeout counter tucked away in an Asian Supermarket. Definitely worth the drive.

          1. Oh hey - forgot to mention - Harbor City has good roast pork as well...I like the roast pork there better than Kau Kau's and we've even special ordered it for family occasions.