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Nov 15, 2007 02:02 PM

Where to take two nonadventures Moms for dinner in the Arlington area

Any ideas? I'm taking my mother and her friend out for dinner; they're both afraid of "weird" foods and don't want to spend too much money...I cannot think of a single place!!

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  1. Perhaps Tryst or Flora?

    1. Za? They can get a pretty "normal" pizza there, or experiment a little bit if they're in the mood.

      1. Za is more of a moms w/ kids place, but the salads are great and the pizza is good, plus prices are very reasonable.

        Jimmy's Steer House isn't great, but it's maybe a bit better than Not Your Average Joe's? Both are usually jammed, especially on the weekend.

        Almost everything else in Arlington is ethnic - Kathmandu Spice, Punjab, Mifune are all good. Something Savory has a Caribbean slant, so might not work,

        Wish I could be more helpful. Maybe you can go back into Cambridge and hit Cambridge Common or West Side Lounge?

        1. La Buona Vita is a really sweet, traditional Italian place on Mass Ave near the center.

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            Very sweet and traditional, but the food has disappointed us both times we went there. We haven't been back in a while as it's out of our usual orbit; has it improved greatly?

            As for the OP, are you willing to come as far as Davis Square? If so, I might suggest either Redbones for BBQ if you eat early, before it gets noisy, or La Spina for decent Italian in a very non-adventurous atmosphere. By the way, many here recommend Blue Ribbon in Arlington for BBQ, although I don't know if the atmosphere is conducive to moms.

          2. I would say that nonadventurous=Jimmy's Steer House. Tryst and Flora are upscale places that are may be a bit too "different" for them (I know that my folks would never go there). Za is definitely an option, as is La Buona Vita (though I sense a downhill alert there).

            Another option is Frank's Steak House in North Cambridge. It's just over the border, and is a little like Jimmy's Steer House, though I think the steaks are better at Frank's.

            Another option might be Ristorante Lucia in Winchester Center. It looks a bit fancy, but they have basic pasta dishes and the prices aren't too bad.

            Finally, you might want to think about Jade Garden in Arlington Heights. They have a decent buffet, and the prices are good. Nice people there, too.