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Nov 15, 2007 01:56 PM

Recs on Perilla's fall menu?

Has anyone been to Perilla this fall? Their website says the menu changes each season, but I can't find recommendations for a fall menu anywhere online. If anyone's been and can tell me what to order (or not to order) I'd appreciate it!

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  1. They are still showing the summer menu on their website, but they suggest calling for an updated menu. I was last there over a month ago, but in three visits I have not had anything I would not recommend. The pork belly and duck meatball appetizers are particularly delicious, but just order whatever looks appealing to you and don't worry. Everything is great.

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      Yeah, I considered calling for the updated menu, but I'm going either way, so I don't really need a menu - I just want to hear what people liked :) If they have duck meatballs and porkbelly still I will be sure to order those. Thanks!

    2. We went there again this past week with friends who were visiting from out of town. The current Fall menu is great and very autumnal in flavors.

      I had a delicious guinea hen with spaetzle. Others in our group had eggplant cannelloni with white truffles, duck with some kind of corn dish (sorry, I can't remember what it was), and wild boar.

      Our app's included duck meatballs, beef carpaccio, an apple and nut salad, and pork belly.

      I really loved the sides we ordered which were brussel sprouts with cranberries and almonds and edamame falafel.

      I tasted all the dishes (except the carpaccio, which is a food I don't eat) and thought everything was delicious, but I liked what I ordered the best. (the guinea hen, meatballs and the delicious two sides). The pork belly and the boar were probably my second two favorites.

      Deserts included a peanut butter parfait with grape sorbet (my second time having it there and it is amazing -- if you like peanut butter, it's a MUST), a Carmel chocolate tart, donuts with dipping sauces and a panna cotta.

      Hope this helps.

      1. I heard that the Guinea Hen is the big winner!

        1. Well we went and we definitely enjoyed our meal. We had the duck meatballs, which were quite good, and the cuttlefish appetizer which we thought was delicious. For entrees I had the eggplant canneloni which was good but not great -- the eggplant wasn't quite as cooked as I prefer it - and my DCs ordered the hangar steak, the duck and the pork chop, all of which were enjoyed. The spinach that came with the hangar steak might actually have been the best item on the table, it was really delicious (I believe HD may have made this on the show -- it was spinach with artichoke puree instead of cream).

          Overall we thought the food was very good, though maybe we were expecting it to be a little more outside-the-box. Thanks for your recs!

          1. was there last wednesday night. i had the wild boar milanase. it was good, although it could have been veal for all i know (it was still delicious). sister had the hangar steak (which she loved) and wife had the duck. restaurant was great, they were totally accomodating to my wife's dairy allergy and would definitely go back again.