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Nov 15, 2007 01:30 PM

comped drinks

The postings about "free" bread made me think of this. An aquaintence of mine won't go to one bar that the rest of us like because they don't comp him any drinks. he says that any "good" bar will always comp the second or third drink if they want you to come back. I know that once in a while a bar will comp a regular customer, but expecting them to comp everyone who has more than a couple of drinks doesn't sound reasonable to me.

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  1. As a former bartender I can say that unless this person was a VERY good tipper I would have not comped anything until they became a "regular". However, I've had the friends of this type of person pay in advance for a drink so I would give a comp to PITA so their night could go smoothly.

    1. Jfood has a pretty simple philosophy when going into a retaurant. If he wants it, he buys it. If something is comped he is appreciative. He has NEVER walked into a resto thinking anything would be comped. And to think that one deserves a free drink after one or two is just silly. Does that mean that a 6-top should get two of their meals for free? Or if M&M jfood go to a resto for dinner they receive a buy one get one free on their next visit.

      people should stop thinking that certain items are an entitlement, and remember that they are they gracious gifts from your host, who is the owner of the resto.

      1. we might know the same person!
        I think it's wonderful when I'm comped anything, but I never expect it. Some bars don't let their bartenders comp drinks (though I would say they're in the minority), so doing so would put the bartenders job in jeopardy. My favorite bar in the world charges so little (most expensive bottled beer $3.25 and that's in Philadelphia) for drinks they can't really afford to comp so they rarely do, even for those of us who have consumed many, many, many drinks.

        1. I think your friend's issue with the bar is something other than this. Maybe he got flagged there once. "Good" or "bad" places do not "always" comp the second or third anything to keep you coming back. After all they are bars and restaurants not soup kitchens.

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            Never ever been comped for a drink. Ever.

          2. That is ridiculous.

            I've only been comped when I was a regular and generous tipper combined.

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              Hubby and I always get what in my area is called a "buy back" all the time at one place we frequent. We are regualrs, have been going there for 10 years, when we do a round of shots we always buy one for the bartender and we are very generous with our tips. They will usually buy every third drink for us.

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                "Bizarre" is the word that popped into my head, but yeah, ditto, you gotta wonder people come up with this stuff....