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Nov 15, 2007 01:24 PM

Dining Solo @ Caesar's

i'm going to have about 3 1/2 hours to kill on friday night by myself at caesar's palace.

any suggestions on where i can get a good solo dinner either on the property, in the forum shops or w/in walking distance?

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  1. I would suggest dining in the Forum Shops... I have had good luck dining solo @ Joe's, The Palm, Spago and Sushi Roku.
    I usually sit @ the Bar and I find the waitstaff is very accomodating to the single diner.
    At the Palm I have had half orders of some of the salads and appetizers....

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      They have a bar at Mesa Grill, and while the last time I ate there it was a bit disappointing...the other 3 times were great. I'll give it a .750 batting average and suggest you give it a try. The bar at Spago was very friendly...and the service pretty good, as well as the food. Chinois in the Forum Shops (Wolfgang Puck asian) is also one of my favorites...and they have a sushi bar and a regular I've found it often not very busy, so a solo diner at a small table for 2 would work. Bring a book just watch the people.

    2. BOA in the Forum Shops is also a nice place with some interesting appetizers as well as good steaks. People have reported enjoying eating at the bar at Bradley Ogden, as well.

      1. I have eaten at the bar at Mesa Grill multiple times and liked it alot; eaten in the lounge area at Joe's and it was very good and Bradley Ogden at the bar/lounge (years ago - there are too many good restaurants) and it was excellent. Lots of choices and they are very nice to solo diners.