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Nov 15, 2007 01:20 PM

Anniversary Meal

Hey Guys,
It's been a year since my fiancee and I got engaged and tomorrow night I want to make a special meal. We are both particular fans of Italian food, but all ideas will be entertained :-).
I don't have too much time to cook, so that's the biggest limiter on ideas.
Does anyone have any ideas about a really special meal that I could make for my fiancee?

Let me know ASAP!


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  1. One of our favorite things to do - after 11 years now - is to have a plateau de fruits de mers - you can have the oysters and clams shucked by the fish monger. I make a mignonette sauce for the oysters. I usually buy shrimp and poach them and serve with a lovely mayonnaise based tarragon sauce with a little tomato paste. Sometimes I also make a tuna tartare. This is a very easy, but luxurious thing to do, and wonderful with a bottle (or two) of champagne.

    On other occasions, we've had cheese fondue, and I usually buy bunderfleisch, and serve with cornichons and pickled onions.

    The nice thing about both of these ideas is that they are simple, and wonderful in the living room in front of a fire (well, our anniversary is in January, so that works for us).

    But, if you want more complicated ideas, happy to oblige - a risotto is also a nice option.

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      I noticed in your post that you mentioned buying bunderfleisch. I have been searching the web for days and found nowhere to buy it. I have some friends from who are Swiss and they mentioned it as one of the foods they miss the most from home. He is a chef so food is paramount. I thought it would make a nice christmas gift if I could only find where to buy it. If it is inappropriate to post that info you could e-mail it to me at:

    2. Hi, Cheese fondue also came top of mind to me. But served with a lobster and melted butter. After 12 years it still continues to be a favorite.
      Make a traditional cheese fondue with white wine and a good Swiss style cheeses (I can't spell but gueyer, emmetemer, etc.) Serve with a nice loaf of French bread cubed.

      Steam a large lobster. Melt some butter to go with it.

      Roast some aspargus spears in the oven with some olive oil, lemon and herbs. I would also do garlic, but that is a personal choice on such an occasion.

      Maybe bake a few potatoes to even out the meal.

      We also like to do artichokes with this dinner. The key is things to dip and feed each other. It do artichokes with a curry dip.

      Fresh fruit or even better chocolate dipped strawberries end this meal.

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      1. re: Springhaze2

        Thank you!!
        I've decided to make Gnocchi with a tomato cream sauce. The problem with seafood, although a wonderful idea, is that I don't have time to go where I have to go to pick it up! Risotto is a great idea too, and I considered it, but I made it quite recently so it wouldn't be as special. The cheese fondue got me thinking, and I think we'll do chocolate fondue for dessert. Strawberries, raspberries, bananas...

        thanks so much for the replies!

        1. re: jwiener

          Poundcake is great for the chocolate fondue. And if you're a fan of coconut, add a can of cream of coconut to the fondue.