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Nov 15, 2007 01:16 PM

My Venice Restaurants

We are a family of 4, myself, DH and 13 year old twins. We will be in Venice in June arriving on a Sunday afternoon and leaving Wednesday midday for Florence. Here are my thoughts on restaurants:

Sunday dinner - Acqua Pazza or La Fenice
Monday lunch - (somewhere between Frari/San Rocco and Accademia - a nice campo?)
Monday dinner - Riviera
Tuesday lunch - (somehwere near Jewish Ghetto)
Tuesday dinner - Alla Madonna or La Zucca

As you can see, the lunches are empty. I am looking for places that will have good panini or pizza for light lunch, because we have breakfast included at the Bauer and need room for gelato and pastries.

Although my daughter has a sophisticated palate, my son not so much. I need to make sure there is always a pasta option at dinner for him.

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  1. Locanda Montin and Cantinone Storico, both on Dorsoduro are my favorites- for lunch or dinner. Reservations suggested.

    1. In Italy, we always have our big meal at lunch and a light dinner, since usually after a morning of tromping around we are hungry.

      If that happens to you, for your Tuesday lunch, I recommend Anice Stellato which is in Cannaregio not far from the Ghetto and is very pleasant at lunchtime.. There are other recommendable restaurants in range and even closer if AS is closed . If it must be pizza, there is an acceptable pizzeria restaurant right in the Ghetto tho I am not sure it is open at lunchtime (pizza is an evening meal mostly in Italy).I think if you enter the ghetto from the direction of the Cannareggio canal, you will see it quite soon on the left. I really do not recommend the Lubavitcher-run israeli restaurant in the ghetto - our most recent meal there was quite mediocre. Finally, there are more food choices, including a supermarket, on the Strada Nuova nearby, or an arab place, Sahara, on the Fondementa de La Miseracordia if the above dont work.

      For your other lunch, between the Accademia and the Frari, there is a cluster of good small restaurants on Calle Lunga San Barnaba - La Bitta, Quatto Feri, and the one we really enjoyed for lunch last trip, Osteria San Barnaba (da Sandro) a wine bar with a few dishes - he is really good with meats, and has good crostini etc (small dishes). Ai Sportivi, the pizzeria in Campo Santa Margherita, is also ok if open.There is also some good gelato and some special pastry shops in that area - I especially like Tonolo, which is fairly near the Frari, but the shop that faces San Barnaba is also good. go for the cream filled fritters, if they have them.