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Nov 15, 2007 01:10 PM

Waters Bistro

Looking for a last minute Thanksgiving reservation (the kitchen remodel isn't going to be done in time...), I found Waters Bistro in Kirkland. (Ray's, Salty's and Kaspar's were all booked solid)

Apparently it's the restaurant at the Watermark Hotel, Yacht Club and Spa. I'd never heard of either the restaurant or the hotel, but my interest was piqued by their website's note that they've recently hired Lisa Nakamura (formerly of Qube).

Anyways, anyone ever eat here?
Especially after the arrival of Ms. Nakamura.

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  1. We have brunch at Waters all the time. And, recently noticed the menu change--didn't realize who the new chef was. We choose Waters for brunch because there's never a wait (unless it's Easter or Mother's Day) and it's on the passport card (1 entree free). The food is good, but not exceptional. Although the new menu does sport some minor changes to make things more interesting. For example, the eggs benedict now also has roasted pear as one of the layers.

    I haven't been for an evening meal, so can't comment, but hope you'll report back.