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Nov 15, 2007 01:02 PM

Fab trendy places but nothing stuffy

I am visiting with the family in Dec and want to eat at Babbo , Tao , Buddakan , Crispo , Gramercy Tavern , STKS and the Blue Fin and cant wait .
We love busy bustling trendy places but nothing stuffy or pretentious .
Have i chosen correctly for this with the above or should i try elsewhere ?
Steve & Co

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  1. I have only been to Blue Fin and Tao. IMO, they are noisy, lively, bustling and touristy. The food was okay. I went to Gramercy Tavern (dining room) along time ago before the new chef so my experience is not recent enough to be helpful. I'm going to Crispo for the first time tomorrow.

    Maybe Pylos (Greek) in the EV? It's lively, probably wouldn't consider it trendy. Please note, it is not in the same league as Babbo and GT.

    1. Wouldn't put Blue Fin and Tao anymore in trendy - I would skip Tao and just go to Buddakan, go toBLT Fish instead of Blue Fin (nothing special there unless you are already in Times Square).

      Babbo gets high marks here, I haven't been yet.

      Gramercy Tavern is wonderful.

      Crispo is great Italian - it is not "trendy" either but in a cool neighborhood and great food.

      STK Steak is a cool scene - some people may question the steak but the scene is fun.

      I haven't found any of the places you mentioned to be pretentious...Make reservations ASAP!!

      1. I think most Hounds would agree that Gramercy Tavern is not trendy. The casual Tavern Room in front (no reservations) is definitely busy and has a bustling feel while the more formal dining room in the rear is fairly quiet but with not a hint of pretentiousness.

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          Agreed, the food, service, etc. are excellent but it's not hip at all. However, I find GT to be welcoming and unpretentious. After all, it is a "tavern" but also considered fine dining.