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Nov 15, 2007 12:10 PM


I will be spending a month in Baden Baden Germany, and would like to hop the border to sample some fine Alsatian Cuisine. Am not worried about price or atmosphere just the best Alsatian food France can offer. I know that Strasbourg is really close to where I'll be so I would love any recommendations there too.

Thanks a lot!

- Clark

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  1. Though not technically in Alsace but close to Strasbourg, Les Bas-Rupts just outside of Gerardmer is wonderful. If they still have the tripe cooked in riesling served with a mustard cream sauce you must try it. Best tripe I've ever had. The restaurant is elegant and charming.

    The Auberge de l'Ill in Illhausern is rated one of the top in France, but I found it disappointing. It was full of Germans smoking cigars, and was just a lot of unexciting preparations of expensive ingredients, Overpriced.

    1. Here are my favorites:
      Auberge du Cheval Blanc, Lembach
      le Cygne, Gundershoffen
      l'Arnsbourg, Barenthal
      le Cerf, Marlenheim
      Auberge de l'Ill, Illhausern

      I have also eaten at Crocodile in Strasbourg and will definitely not return. Auberge de l'Ill is like a bargain basement compared to this seriously overpriced restaurant.

      As for Auberge de l'Ill, it is one you get conflicting opinions about. The lunch is about 115e and quite a bargain. I spent about 4 hours there one day eating lunch and am returning in January to do it again. They have held 3 stars for 40 consecutive years. This one is like Bocuse in Lyon or Taillevent in Paris, kind of an institution. I say go and make your own call. It is a firmly traditional restaurant with impeccable service. It is a better experience in warm months when you can sit on the terrace for an aperitif before eating and coffee afterwards.

      If you want cutting edge in Alsace no question head for l'Arnsbourg. It is also a 3 star but completely opposite from Auberge de l'Ill. Really inventive, very reasonably priced for a 3 star. Maybe the only knock is that the cooking is not really Alsatian in the traditional sense but does have some local accent. Don't know when you are going but it is closed the whole month of January.

      All of these have websites and you should be able to locate them by searching.

      Just across the border in the Black Forrest there is a restaurant in the Hotel Bareiss, I think in Baiserbronn Tonnbach, 2 stars in the Red Guide, that is equal or better to any of those listed above, absolutely outstanding and unknown to Americans. The Schwarzwalde Stube. 3 stars, is also in that same immediate area but I have never been able to get a reservation there so can't comment on it personally other than to say it is reputed to be one of the best restaurants in Europe.

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        Actually, Bareiss just got their third star too

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          "Auberge de I'lll" is one of my all time favorite meals. We ate there just before Christmas last year and had a fantastic lunch in a wonderful atmosphere. The restaurant was full of extended French families enjoying a pre-Christmas get together. The food is very traditional, the service is perfect, and the setting (even in winter) is wonderful with large picture windows overlooking the river.

          If you are after "el Bulli" cutting edge food this is not the place to go, however if you want tradition, class and quality I think it is perfect - check out Steve Plotnicki's review on his OAD site -

        2. You're not worried about price at all? Auberge de L'ill is considered one of the best restaurants in the world.

          If you want something a little more casual, but still really really good and in a completely charming town, I would reccomend the restaurant at Hostellerie le Marechel in Colmar. -- a great hotel and even better restaurant inside. Here is their full (current?) menu:

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            Instead of creating a new thread, I will be going there in about 2 weeks in a group of 10-11, so are there also some price conscientious recommendations as well?

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              Hey everyone!

              I am now in Baden Baden for the month of Febraury doing a stage at Brenners Hotel. It looks like I will have two days off per week which leaves me with four culinary excursions. Im trying to sort through the chowhound posts, michelin ratings, and and Alsace food guidebook that has both and Im overwhelmed. The Euro is alot stronger than I anticipated, so I would love any price range recommendations. Im hoping to do one or two three star meals (Bareiss or Schwarzwald Stube, maybe Arnsbourg), and three other experiences totalling up to 480 Euro including transportation (wont be staying anywhere overnight). I also wont have a car so hopefully some easy to get to locations. Has any one been to these places, and what are your life changing places to eat? Also any food or wine excursions in the area would be wonderful.

              My short list right now
              Hostellerie Le Marechal, Colmar
              Hotel Bareiss
              Schwarzwald Stube
              Le Cygne, Gundershoffen
              Auberge du Cheval Blanc, Lembach
              Alde Gott, Baden Baden
              Talmuhle, Sasbachwalden
              Hirschen, Sulzburg
              JYs, Colmar
              Le Cerf, Marlenheim

              Thanks for your help everyone!!