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Nov 15, 2007 11:46 AM

deep-fried turkey in KC--I just want to taste it!

I have read so much about the nirvana of deep fried turkey. However, not having the equipment or the nerve to engage in such a potentially "burn-your-house-down" activity, I was wondering if there was anywhere I could buy a deep fried turkey in kansas city? Also, would it be "soggy" if it wasn't fresh? How well does it keep? I am afraid to buy one because we all know what happens to deep friend things such as french fries after just a day in the fridge....

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  1. I know it's a chain, but I know Popeye's sold them last year. I didn't care for my one experience with deep-fried turkey, but it could of been numerous factors why.

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      was popeyes your one experience? if not, did you just not care for the taste?

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        No, I haven't had the Popeye's one. My boyfriend (my husband now) several, several years ago did a demo for Home Depot on the local news on how to safely fry a turkey. (He's never lived that one down!) He made one for me then, but he used the marinade injector kit that came with it, and I didn't care for the taste of it. I also thought the texture was kind of rubbery. But, like I said, it could have been many factors why I didn't like it and not necessarily that I don't like fried turkey, you know?

    2. If you have a local Sam's Club, call and ask if they're going to be doing a demo this weekend. They sell the fryers and huge containers of oil, and usually fry up some birds outside the front door, and hand out samples. I scared myself half to death the two times I actually fried my own -- way too dangerous for me! Very tasty bird, though.

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        i live right down the street from Sams! i am going to call them tomorrow! now you've got me all excited!

      2. Winslows in the city market used to do fried turkeys. Not sure if they still do but you could give them a call.

        1. There's a Cabelas in K.C, and they usually have a demo during the holidays. Becides, it gives you an excuse to go to Cabelas! Fried turkeys are very good but I think the injected stuff distracts from the flavor and, well, it's just not a "Thanksgiving" kind of thing. No wonderful smell, no Norman Rockwell image, etc.. Just me.