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Nov 15, 2007 11:45 AM

Range Advice? Looking at 48" Five Star...

Helping a friend with a total kitchen remodel. His wife wanted a 48" range that had white panels on the professional stainless. All we could find was the Five Star and Viking that would match her decorating.

Anyone have any experience with the Five Star line?

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  1. Bluestar does colors, too.

      1. thank you for the brand names, can you tell me why you like those ranges? pros/cons

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          We recently ordered the 30" American range. I can't speak to specific use yet but here are some reasons we chose the range. Seamless ss top - easy to wipe down. Large oven capacity. All gas, with convection. Color panels available. Price - compared to other pro models. Simplicity - we did not want any electronic controls. Powerful burners. I also liked that each burner has an "on" indicator light. There are many other things. We considered several ranges and can't wait to get this in the kitchen and cooking!