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Nov 15, 2007 11:43 AM

take out for thanksgiving?

My husband & I are returning from a family visit on Thursday evening and are trying to figure out where to order some Thanksgiving-ish food for take out. We've thought about Central Market, Boston Market, Threadgills, Hoover's, Whole Foods, even Luby's. Most places send you to catering menus for take-out, which means food for 6, 8, 12, rather than 3. Any thoughts? Should we just order a couple meals to go off someone's menu? If so, who'd you recommend? We need one with vegetarian options, but sides like mashed potatoes, stuffing, etc. will work great - just not sides loaded with bacon &/or lard.

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  1. I am getting Thanksgiving takeout from Hyde Park Bar and Grill for my grandmother. I have had their Thanksgiving meal before and it was good. It is quite a bit of food for around $16 or $18 (dessert is $2.75 extra). They also have a vegetarian option and it is priced a few dollars less. They start serving at 11am and stop early evening (can't remember the exact time) - definitely call first.

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      Oakville Grocery in the Domain is my choice for this year. You'd have to pick it up on Wednesday though. And probably you've got to order it tonight or first thing tuesday evening. Go to their website and look under catering...great menu.

    2. sounds crazy but popeyes cajun turkey is really good. oh my god and the biscuits. maybe get sides from somewhere else.

      1. Aziek1 - any luck last year? I have the same wish list for this year. There are 2 of us, want a thanksgiving meal but not on thanksgiving. Could be even a week before or the day after! Like you, I've found that all the takeout options like Central Market are for eight people or more. Don't need veg options though. Any ideas?

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          I am pregnant and due the Sunday after Thanksgiving. That being said 7 members of my family (one is Vegan) are coming up to Austin for the holiday and waiting around until the baby makes his debut. I don't think I'm up for cooking. Does anyone recommend a restaurant (moderately priced) in addition to your take out suggestions?

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            We just had a baby and are considering going to Threadgill's for T-giving dinner. Moderately priced, and endless refills on veggies/sides!

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              Thanksgiving is about the only time I go to Threadgills anymore. If you go right at 11 you can scoot right in.

        2. Saw this in the paper today.. Not exactly moderate, but III Forks will be open from 11-3 with a set menu. $45 gets you soup, salad, turkey or chateaubriand and sides, and dessert.

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