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Nov 15, 2007 11:40 AM

hole-y baked potato

So do more holes allow for more steam to escape, resulting in a FLUFFIER potato? Or is there a ceiling to the steam hole effect whereby 1 equals 9? And can there be too many holes? Will my potato just shrivel up and die if I randomly poke it all over?

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  1. LOL...No, it won't shrivel up and die. Just do it. You are poking holes so that it won't split open. If you really want to find out, bake 3 of them at the same time using different numbers of holes. (You can use leftover baked potatoes in a million and one ways) There's not a thing in the world like personal experience, as you can see in ChowHound Home Cooking. What works for one cook doesn't necessarily work for the next. And it also depends on the variety of potato and the length of time since harvesting. (I have also found differences in results between electric and gas ovens) Some people like to rub their potatoes before baking, in bacon fat, or olive oil. See? It's all subjective. And there's no exact science to a lot of cooking.


    1. Yes more holes will let more steam out resulting in an INTACT potato that didn't explode in the oven. If you poke 1 randomly all over, and leave it in the oven with a similarly sized, 2- holed potato, it may indeed shrivel up..You alone can pronounce whether or not it's dead. )

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        I've never had a potato shrivel up on me, baking in the oven. How does one DO that?


      2. I have been cooking for a long, long time and have never seen a 1 to 9 "hole ratio" in regards to baked potatoes. Just poke some holes in them randomly with a fork and bake. I like to rub the skins with a bit of oil, but that is a personal preference. I like the skins crispy and never wrap them in foil. I bake at 425 for about an hour.

        1. thanks all for your input... and for a few good laughs. AnnieG, you are right, I should have thought of the side by side comparison. I am married to a scientist after all. It is my evening ritual to bake a sole golden potato for my midnight snack (where the potato and sour cream ratio is 1:1), so I didnt even think about doing more. Most peple don't even like to be near me while I consume this (revolted as they by the aforementioned ratio), so I will use any shrivelled or deceased potatoes for rolls or something.