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Nov 15, 2007 11:31 AM

Help! I need a Kid friendly suggestion in Baltimore

I have out of town guests this weekend and they are bringing their kids 3, 5, and 8. I'm at a complete loss as where to take them in Baltimore. Mid priced to inexpensive dinner on Saturday. I don't believe they are very picky eaters and we're sick of the CCFactory chains, can anyone make any suggestions? Pref downtown or in Roland Park/Hampden area.

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  1. Cafe Hon is always fun for kids, and on the inexpensive side.

    1. DuClaw is pretty kid friendly.

      1. Golden West is definately kid friendly. Despite the slacker/hipster waitstaff, their service has improved a little and the food is still solid. We tend to go a little before peak hours as service tends to be better when its not crowded.

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          It's kid-friendly but the odds that you will have to wait a half hour or more for food are HIGH. Golden West's kids' menu is extremely limited: pancake, cheese quesadilla....and the chef/owner (a father himself) allows no substitutions or alterations of the regular menu. Arrogance personified.

          I have three kids (16, 13, and 6) and we used to be regulars but poor service and erratic food quality drove us away. You'd order something one week, and it was delicious. Two weeks later the same menu item looks and tastes completely different--how does that happen?

        2. On the "yes, I recommend it" side, here are some suggestions of places that we have been to successfully as a family in the last 3-4 months:

          -Amicci's in Little Italy. Good food, reasonable prices. There is a decent kids' menu, waitresses are friendly and they take reservations.

          -Cafe Zen on Belvedere. Very kid-friendly, cheap, and tasty. As an added bonus, you can browse at Daedalus Books (catty-corner across the street) for sale/remaindered afterwards. They have a large kids' section with comfy couches!

          -Cafe Hon. Not as inexpensive as it should be, but solid. One beware: there isn't a lot of "get up and walk around" space that young kids always need.

          -Bill Bateman's on York Road (near Towson). Yes, it's kinda chain-y (local), but there is something to please everyone and the prices are right. The baby back ribs are excellent, and believe it or not, their crabcakes are pretty good. I also think they have the best coleslaw ever. LOTS of space to walk, including a game area....

          -Sushi Hana in Towson. Out of your way, yes, but great with young kids. The sushi is very fresh, and they have other Japanese mainstays, like tempura. The fish pond is a plus, and you can order "marble soda"--a fruity pop which contains a glass marble safely trapped in the neck.

          Good luck!

          1. I like Iggie's for kids. The people are super nice and I've never had a problem with any ages from babies on up.

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              Plus, don't they have 1/2 price pizza early Saturdays if you eat in? And it's BYOB.

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                Yeah, I'll second Iggie's. That's a good place to bring the kids (and bring a bottle of wine with you).

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                  i love iggie's, but the reason i'd hesitate on taking kids there on a saturday night, is because it can get so chaotically busy. if you think the kids could handle the crowds and the wait, then i think it's a great choice.