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Nov 15, 2007 10:47 AM

Substitutions at Eastern Standard

We're going to Eastern Standard for Thanksgiving dinner. Their turkey comes with sweet potatoes, and my DC has his heart set on "regular mashed" ones. One of their other TG offerings does come with the regulation mashed potatoes, so I assume he can substitute. But then I think of Sage.... Does anyone have experience with substitutions at ES?

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  1. They let me have greens beans instead of fries with the burger many times. Don't know what they will say on Thanksgiving, but in general, they seem to be flexible.

    1. Several times I've had greens instead of fries with my steak. They've always been very accomodating.

      1. I'll agree with previous posters- they have always been great about modifying or substituting. If it is especially important, why not give them a call? I have always found the staff to be really welcoming and flexible, on the phone and in person.