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Going It Alone - Solo @ LB and JG?

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I have two Fridays off in December and my dear wife and friends are work bound. So I booked myself solo for lunch into Le Bernardin on the 7th and Jean Georges on the 14th.

Can anyone 1) tell what a solo experience may be like at lunch and 2) what food to concentrate on at lunch ??

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I have not been to lunch (yet) at Jean Georges, but based on our recent dinner experience there, I have no doubt that you will be treated with the utmost courtesy, and service will be flawless. As for the food, most people in the know agree that one of the best deals in town is the 2-course prix-fixe for $28 + dessert at an additional charge. Perhaps other Hounds who have had lunch there recently will chime in and tell you which are the best dishes.

    Enjoy and Bon Appetit!

    1. lunch menu at lb is similar to the dinner menu, only less expensive. the fluke flight is very good as a starter. ask your server for the day's goodness. surprisingly, they make a fine martini but don't let that stop you from enjoying something from the wine list.

      1. Curious ... I've been to LB, but didn't see anybody eating at the little bar they have there. Is it a "drinks only while you wait" bar, or has anybody ever eaten there? Thinking more of lunch.

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          heh, heh...
          the little bar is the best-kept secret on the entire manhattan food map. here's the deal: i arrive for dinner 30 minutes before both reservation and my wife. i sit at the bar, order a martini (classic, straight-up) and wait for the most spectacular marinated seafood to be put in front of me. it's so cool, almost like stealing.

        2. I recently had lunch at JG alone and completely enjoyed it. I did sit at the bar, I hope that doesn't offend you, the food tastes the same! I did not partake in the prix fixe as I am not a dessert eater. I could have found choices for the first two courses, however. I went off the a la carte menu. Everything was delightful and I was made to feel completely comfortable!

          I had a great salad with asiago vinaigrette and the tuna tartare. I enjoyed both immensely!!!!

          I can't comment on LB as I have never been.

          1. hello, we have had lunch twice at Le Bernardin and both time we have made resevrvations but on arrival asked to sit at the bar. Indeed, we are about to do so for the third time this Tuesday. Can't wait!! I much prefer sitting at the bar as the man behind the bar is very chatty and accommodating and it feels like a much more personal experience. I am goiing to have the Hamachi tartare with wasabi. I have been thinking of it ever since last year and my mouth still waters. Havn't decided my main yet..You will have a lovely meal. The salmon mouse/tartare they proivide is delicious. Eat lots.

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                I recently went to LB for dinner and i've never been for lunch, but if they do have the same items, what I would recommend are:
                The tuna sashimi+foie gras on a baguette
                the crab cake with cauliflowers
                for the entree i really liked the striped bass with langoustine.