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Brewing Coffee - Use Grounds Once More?

I have a standard 12 Cup Mr. Coffee machine for everyday life use. I typically try to buy good quality coffees which are not always "cheap." I use a lot of coffee in the basket (probably too much).

Often at parties, the 12 Cupper empties fast and I need to make another pot. Can you run another 12 cups through with the same grounds in the basket? Will it be watery?

I've never tried it before..I detest weak coffee, so this probably isn't a good idea.


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    1. re: MMRuth

      I agree-- if you need more coffee, pour the first batch into a pump thermos and make another fresh batch.

    2. ay yi yi, stella: don't do it! or, just for fun, do an experimental run. let us know how it tastes!

      1. No, it will be weak and you'll hate it.

        For parties, buy less expensive coffee. Even 8 o'clock is fine for a party.

        1. One more vote for ick, don't do try it. I've done that once by mistake - thought I had changed the grounds but in fact the old ones were still in there - and it was nasty.

          1. I wouldn't do it.

            I would, however, buy cheaper coffee and use a bit more of it. I think stronger brewed coffee can make up for cheaper grounds.

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              no, no, no, no, no. Dump out the grounds, spread them around your garden, and make another fresh pot.

            2. OMG: you reminded me of a horrible job that I had in high school working in a restaurant as a 'pantry girl'. I had to make all the desserts (crap out of a can repackaged and sold as homemade!), as well as the tea and coffee. I would routinely get in trouble for not reusing the tea bags (for iced tea), and coffee grinds a minimum of 3 times. They would tell me to just add some more old grinds to the newer grinds to freshen it up a bit. Disgusting, and people constantly complained about the coffee., like I was Juan Valdez or something. This was in a resort town, and the restaurant was far from inexpensive. This was only one of many things they did to cut corners that were downright seedy.
              Let me repeat what everybody else said: don't do it!

              1. i just remembered this tip a friend who used to sell coffeemakers to commercial institutions told me (when she would do a demo):

                you can use fewer grounds if you use two filters at once, making the coffee sit on the grounds a little longer before draining through. also, grind finer....

                1. As long as the grounds are fresh, add half the amount of unused coffee grounds to the used ones and brew another pot. It tastes just fine. I often do this to stretch my coffee and I'm very particular about good coffee. After that second pot, you do need to rinse and start with all fresh grounds if you want a third pot.

                  1. Never do this. It reminds me of my mother in law....

                    1. If you are going to go through coffee that fast, get a second coffee maker. Buy or borrow. Do what donut shops do during rush periods. Measure the correct amount of coffee into filters and just stack several of them up next to the coffee makers. These things will speed up your timing.

                      You like good coffee, so buy decent coffee. I'll bet you've left restaurants and said "The meal was great. Why'd they finish it off with lousy coffee?" You don't have to go for the $25 a pound stuff, but decent - and fresh.

                      1. Hi all - thanks for the input. Out of pure curiosity, I did it. Only as research of course. I used a fresh, local coffee from Kansas City called The Roasterie (dark blend). Delicious.

                        2nd time is NOT a charm. EEEEK. Weak, putrid, watery...nursing home coffee.

                        I am going to take the suggestion from Chowser and get a quality air pump or insulated thermos.

                        Thanks for weighing in. It's not worth the small price to pay. I may try the bit of old/bit of new combination in the future as well.

                        1. Not a great idea. Consider a second coffeemaker. Even cheap ones, such as Procter Silex, make a decent brew. As a "leading consumer magazine" said, "Truth is, virtually any model can make a good cup as long as you use decent coffee."

                          For a good buy among arabicas, try Folger's 100 percent Colombian.

                          1. stella....NOT a good idea!!

                            This thread reminds me of the good'ol days of the infamous Deep Depression Days, when FDR was president of the U.S. People used to do that then because there wasn't much money around to spend on luxuries (yes, back then good coffee was a luxury!)

                            Some would add roasted, dried, ground chicory (an herb) root to the second brew, to strengthen it, but it was always detectable and really never tasted good!!