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May 21, 2006 04:11 PM

Anything edible at Tommy's Mexican in the Richmond?

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We're going tonight for the margaritas which my friend keeps raving about.. but we will want to eat and changing restaurants is not a preferred option.
Hear the food is horrid. Anything mediocre we can get to soak up the tequila?

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  1. Worse Mexican food I ever ate; the cheapest burrito joint has better food. But, the margaritas are heaven. If you're really starving, just eat the chips and guacamole. Tres Agaves has the same great margaritas but I don't like their food AT ALL, it's salty and expensive.

    1. Well, the problem is that most of the things that soak up tequila are rice & beans which at Tommy's are pretty bland. Also, they have a lot of Mexican-American "combination plates" that pretty boring - I tend to stay away from the tamales, burritos, chile rellenos and such.

      We tend to start at the bar with chips, salsa, guacamole & sometimes a side order of beans - we find these work well as a stabilizer.

      If we decide to stay for dinner, we tend to order their Yucatecan specialties or, grilled items (notice the honkin' grill in the window?) The Camarones al mojo de sjo, carne asada, steak ranchero & poc chuc are all respectible dishes.

      If we've filled up on chips & just need a little something, we'll order the quesadilla or tacos a la carte so we won't get the dreaded rice/beans/iceberg lettuce salad.

      1. Might be too late for your dinner but here's my 2 cents.

        1. If you MUST eat at Tommy's have the carne asada.
        2. If you don't mind toddling next door, and I mean just next door, you're way better off eating at Khan Toke Thai House. Is it the best Thai food in San Francisco. No. But it's streets ahead of the food at Tommy's.

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          Khan Toke was the first Thai restaurant to open in SF. Impressive that they're still in business after 30 years.

          1. They've got great Margaritas!!

            1. I like the shredded beef chimichangas at Tommy's.