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Nov 15, 2007 09:16 AM

Trader Joe's Brined Turkeys - what do you think? [moved from Boston board]

I love the idea of brining, but am just too lazy to do the work. I usually get around this by buying a kosher bird, which is delicious and moist, but pricer. I saw that TJ's is selling a pre-brined bird for $1.69/lb. Has anyone had good/bad/indifference experience with them from previous years?


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  1. As you say, kosher is pre-brined. Also, Butterball and other mass-market frozen turkeys are brined.

    1. Whole Foods will brine any turkey you buy from them at no extra charge. Certainly not as cheap as TJ's, but you can get free-range birds if that matters to you.

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      1. re: BobB

        It is extra charge, because they charge you the same per-pound price for a brined turkey as a non-brined turkey.

        1. re: Luther

          Is that true? I did this last year and I was pretty sure they charged me on the pre-brined weight.

            1. re: Luther

              Hmm, forgot about that. Still, the original question about whether they charge by the pre- or post-brining weight was never resolved, there or here. Unless you have a definitive statement from them...?

      2. i always feel that you always remember (and try to forget) the taste of the thanksgiving turkey. this is one place where i would get a decent kosher.

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        1. re: fluffernutty

          Cooks Illustrated reviewed turkeys this year, and Kosher turkeys did rank high, but even old stand-bys like Butterball faired very well. A Kosher took top billing, but another was ranked lower than Butterball and Jennie-O. The organic bird got slammed, which I found interesting.

          Check it out:

          1. re: heWho

            i know it is sometimes luck (or lack of) but i have had none with the butterball over the last 3 decades

        2. I had the same question (!) but I posted in Chains under favorite TJ products yesterday and nobody gave me a straight answer either. Kosher and WF are much more expensive and I was asking about the turkey you referred too. I did learn, much to my surprise, that many people find brined turkeys are too salty to stuff or make gravy from so I guess I will stay with the unbrined hotel turkey breast in our freezer. I like my stuffing cooked n the bird and covered with lots of pan made gravy.