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Nov 15, 2007 08:52 AM

Fun, cheap, divey in Vegas

Going to Vegas in a few weeks and would like to find some fun, cheap places to eat. Would like to go to some old school Vegas places, divey places, kitschy places. Anything that's a bit unusual and hopefully not expensive. Thanks!

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  1. The Peppermill (old school/kitschy)
    $0.99 Shrimp Cocoktail @ The Golden Gate (Downtown)

    Not totally unusual, but 2 experiences that should be enjoyed.

    1. Ellis Island Casino has a couple of spots that are kitschy, divey (i.e., a bit run down), but a lot of fun. Some of the food is forgettable, but some of it is pretty good. They are famous, for example, for their not-on-the-menu $4.95 steak dinner (served 24/7).

      They have two places to eat at the casino. Search the Southwest board for Ellis Island & you'll get lots of hits. Also reported by Chris Cognac (aka, the Hungry Detective) on his Food Network program.

      This place has good values--not just because it's inexpensive but because it's inexpensive & some of it (& I emphasize the "some") is pretty good.

      Ellis Island Casino & Brewery
      4178 Koval Ln, Las Vegas, NV

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        second the idea of Ellis Island Casino...they also have a barbequed chicken and rib platter in one of their bar/restaurants that is also very reasonable and pretty good. Have had breakfast their and haven't been disappointed as well....

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          Prices have gone up across the board at Ellis Island including the steak special. The price is $6.95, but now includes a choice of either a beer or root beer. Be prepared to wait if you want to dine at the regular restaurant or the BBQ unless you go at off peak hours.

          BTW - Ellis Island's breakfast menu is a winner with the two best choices being the vanilla french toast and the steak & eggs.