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Nov 15, 2007 08:38 AM

Thanksgiving Dinner in Houston?

My family is going to be in the med center area of Houston over Thanksgiving.

I'm looking for an "indulgent, nice break from hanging out in hospitals" sort of place we could have Thanksgiving dinner -- but good food, of course! Have any of you Houstonites noticed any of your favorite restaurants advertising a Thanksgiving dinner? Any ideas for places I should check out?

(p.s. I lived in Houston 10 years ago, and go back a couple times of the year, so I can find my way around -- and already have my favorite houston restaurants for other meals. )


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  1. Look on Citysearch, under thanksgiving tips. They have a good list of places offering Thanksgiving dinner.

    1. Here's the listings up so far on

      Maybe you'll see a resto you're familiar with? Personally, I would call to verify any I'm interested in. I see Charivari is listed. danhole recently posted about her experiences there and made it sound very good, but I haven't been yet:

      Are you looking for traditional Thanksgiving fare? Note you can look at some menus on line. Looks like some pretty good stuff.

      Need any more info about any one in particular just ask here.

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      1. re: brucesw

        Look at this menu from Charivari:

        Makes me want to ditch the family and go eat there! Excellent food.

        1. re: danhole

          Thanks, danhole and brucesw. Charivari looks like the exact sort of spot my mom would like, and I also noticed that Rainbow Lodge (which I've never been to) is open. Two good options!

          For anyone else who has the same question, here's the link to the citysearch Thanksgiving planner:

      2. At the Four Seasons downtown, Quattro has a Thanksgiving Brunch.

        Sorry to hear that hanging out at hospitals is what had to bring you back to Houston over Thanksgiving.

        1. I googled for restaurants who would be open on Thanksgiving and found

          They have menus for the Omni's buffet and several other restaurants in Houston.

          1. So, saracari, where did you end up and how was it?