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Nov 15, 2007 08:36 AM

Gulf Shores

Does anyone have restaurant reccomendations for Gulf Shores AL???

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  1. Orange Beach, as you may know, is right next to Gulf Shores. Here is a complete list of the restaurants and bars in Orange Beach.

    There are lots of great restaurants in this area. If you tell me what kind of food you are looking for I could give you some suggestions.

    1. Went to Gulf Shores for first time in 15 years this past summer. It's not a real exciting town, but the beaches are lovely. Most places close down by 10 pm or so. The one place that stood out above the rest was Cotton's in Orange Beach (just down the road a couple of miles). The salads were average, but I had a perfectly cooked steak topped with crabmeat and a beur blanc sauce. It was drool worthy!!! One of the best steaks of my life. I wanted to lick the place when I was done.

      Zeke's was a disappointment. The food was okay, but the service was just horrible. The Original Oyster House was really, really good. They have a nice salad bar and is only one of a few places down there where you can get seafood that's not served in a basket. I wouldn't waste my time at Lulu's (Jimmy Buffet's sister's place.) It was incredibly hyped!!! The digs are nice (live music, open air, beachy feel), but the food was so-so. The tuna dip was basically a tuna salad I could have made at home. Ho-Hum! I can't even remember what I ate for my entree, but it came in a basket.

      1. I've been going to Gulf Shores for the past 10 years, and just recently uncovered a gem known only to the locals. It's called The Tin Top Restaurant and Oyster Bar in Bon Secour. It's in between Gulf Shores and Foley. It has a great atmosphere with dining in and outside on the deck. There's 2 bars and the menu is great. Mostly fresh fish and wonderful oyster dishes. THe drinks are great, especially all the different margaritas. I highly reccomend this place. I went with my family with ages ranging from 3-65. It's a great atmosphere for couples as well. It's not real loud and exciting, i.e. Lulu's, but it is a great local secret.

        1. Original Oyster House and Gulf Shores Steamers.

          If you get over to Dauphin Island, look/as for a place called "The Pelican Pub." Mrs. Sippi and I had unbelievable grouper po' boys there a few years back.


          1. Only been to Cotton's twice and neither was very good, but I understand that some people have had better experiences there. Tin Top is, indeed, very good and a fun place. Lulu's is an okay lunch place, but I would avoid it at dinner. Seems they always have some overage Buffett wannabe singing too loud and not very well. You might also try Mango's or Cosmo's in Orange Beach, or Jesse's in Magnolia Springs.