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Gourmet grocery - Orlando ??


Can someone please refer me to a great gourmet type grocery store in the Orlando area? I did visit the Fresh Market and though it was very nice, it was small and had a limited merchandise. Thanks very much!

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  1. Petty's on 434 in Longwood

    Also maybe chamberlin's or whole foods.

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      It honestly doesn't get better than that. Orlando is a sad place to shop for exceptional groceries.

    2. Try Cavallari Gourmet in Oviedo. Not as big a variety as Petty's, but good deli and meat counter and wine and cheese selections.

      1. I'm from up north and Orlando doesn't have some of the great gourmet stores I grew up with...but things have improved greatly from when I first moved down here.

        Fresh Market or Whole Foods are your best bet for "gourmet" grocery stores. I like the Altamonte Springs location better than the Dr. Phillips location of Fresh Market. World Market (Sand Lake Rd and Sanford) has an imports department for various specialty goods and prepared "ethnic cuisine" dips, sauces, packaged goods. Petty's (Longwood) is nice as is Cavallari Gourmet (Oviedo) for their deli cases and meat cases. Both have some standard/upscale jarred condiments (which you can also find at the larger ABC wine and spirits) Petty's has a nice cheese case and is famous for their dips and spreads.

        The local farmers markets provide very nice fresh produce; Downtown, Winter Park, College Park and Sanford all hold regular weekly markets.

        The Wine Room (Winter Park) has an upscale deli case with imported cheeses, pates and the like at the back of the store. Further up on Park Ave a new Cheese shop is opening soon.

        Williams Sonoma (several local locations) along with Crate and Barrel (Mall at Millenia) have different condiments, salts, spices, packaged goods and the like.

        Tim's Wine Market (downtown) as well as Wine Warehouse (Winter Park) have started carrying specialty olive oils.

        The Orlando Sentinel's "Good Living" section has a great comprehensive list of the "ethnic grocers" in the area.


        Basically, the resources are there if you know what you are shopping for...we just don't have too many one stop shops down here. Are you searching for a particular ingredient? If so, please post and maybe someone on the list has come across it in their travels.


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          Winechic pretty much hit it dead on. There is a new "gourmet grocer" going in the Uptown Altamonte by Carrs Barber Shop and behind Steak & Shake. I think it is now open but I don't know about there products or if they have deli cases, etc.

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            I spend a lot of time at Winestyles in Uptown Altamonte and would LOVE to know more about the gourmet grocer going in there. Where's Carr's Barber Shop...by Red Brick Pizza? I desperately want to find some awesome cheese like fromage d'affinois. I'll try Petty's, too. I didn't see it at Fresh Market.

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              I just stopped by the Gourmet Shoppe in Uptown Altamonte last Sunday and they are di-vine. They are getting in more inventory but it was a bit cheaper than Fresh Market and the quality was top notch. Not to mention the service was fabulous. VERY impressive!!!

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                Just hit this place for the first time, they opened in November but I missed the store the last time I went through Uptown. It's in the section *right behind* the Steak and Shake, so it's easy to zip by as the only other thing over there is a Real Estate brokers office/storefront.

                "The Gourmet Shoppe"

                (There is more stuff online than in store.)

                In the store: anyone looking for specialty/artisanal salts, butters (Truffle butter in tubs and a misc. flavor selection in shapes), cheeses, condiments, olive oils, vinegars, chocolates, honey, select teas, etc. Prices were very "boutique".

                I shopped a few of the wines and they are certainly not a value, better pricing just about anywhere else...but if you are pressed and on your way to a party, grab a bottle. Small but decent selection of wines.

                Cheeses were in the back of the store behind the All Clad selection. Nice artisanal selection of cheeses, but better prices on the more "common" stuff at Fresh Market, Whole Foods. Don't forget about the rotating selection at the Cheese Shop in WP. However, if you are in the Maitland/Altamonte/Longwood area and need fancy cheese, this is your place! Save the money on gas! ; ) There was also a small selection of chilled pate, smoked fish and a variety of caviar.

                There is a wine and cheese tasting coming in a few weeks, details are not online but there is a sign in the store. (I cannot post info or I'll get yanked. ;)

                I'd compare it to a *very mini* Dean and Deluca, the foodie accessories are very high quality. Not a big store but packed with high quality and interesting things. I'll be back in there for sure when I feel like a splurge.


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                  I agree with winechic in that Gourmet Shoppe is a "very mini" -- emphasis on the mini -- Dean and Deluca. I've shopped D&D in NYC as well as Charlotte -- hey, if Charlotte gets a Dean and Deluca, how come we haven't?? In any event, I picked up a couple bottles of olive oil and some chocolates at Gourmet Shoppe last time and I'm glad to see they've added more fresh stuff like pate and smoked fish (hmmm, love me some smoked fish). I'm not sure they're going to make it in that location; we'll see.....Barbara

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              yeah, these threads live on for a while, so may as well let anyone know this shop in Altamonte closed back in 2008 or 2009

          2. Well, until we get a true gourmet grocery that has everything, the following speciality stores might help....

            For Italian, you gotta check out Crudo's Italian Market on 436 in Altamonte Springs. The owner is right out of Brooklyn and this is a "real" Italian deli like I remember back in New York when the earth was still cooling....Crudos makes up all kinds of deli sandwiches, panini, etc., and also has a variety of yummy Italian imports, pastas, sauces, cookies, cheeses, canned goods, spices, NY bagels, etc. There's usually a couple meals-to-go in the deli case, too, like eggplant parm and lasagna. I can't find a web site but they're on west 436 in Altamonte, near Montgomery Avenue -- phone 407-262-9000.

            And this one isn't exactly "gourmet" but for the freshest fish market in town, check out Lighthouse Seafood in Lake Mary. They get lots of fish caught off both coasts, the shop is so clean you don't smell a thing (unlike Lombardi's -- ugh!) and the proprietor is very accomodating. Just picked up some right-off-the-boat grouper and red snapper. Check it out....

            Another find in Lake Mary -- a brand new butcher -- B&P Meats next to Lighthouse Seafood on Country Club Road in Lake Mary. All kinds of hand-cut prime meats, homemade sausages, bacon jalapeno burgers, stuffed chicken breasts, and more. I recently picked up a couple Delmonicos and some sausages -- they're expanding their offering so I'll be checking them out again soon.


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                Crudo's sounds great, just looked it up and looks like it's under a new name. Couldn't find a full website, but could find a myspace page through Google. Hope you caught the sale, thought I'd post the info!




                Crudo's Italian Market
                now "IL PARADISO CAFE"

                520 W State Road 436
                Altamonte Spgs, FL 32714
                (407) 262-9000
                "Across from Congo River Mini Golf"


                1. re: winechic

                  Wow -- I hadn't heard about the change with Crudo's -- same owner, different concept I wonder?? Anyway, I'll try to get over there soon to check it out and report back. Thanks for the update.....Barbara

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                    Barbara- thought I'd check this place out and as of last week Crudo's Italian Market, now "IL PARADISO CAFE", is still cleared out. No one in there to ask when they were reopening.

                    Just thought I'd post a quick update.


                    1. re: winechic

                      Thanks for the update - I really hate to see Crudo's go; we desparately needed that kinda place around here : ((( Well, maybe they're in the middle of reinventing themselves and will open soon....B

                      1. re: bcodom

                        I never got to make it to Crudo's. Every time I was in the area, I had either just eaten, or I got there after they closed. I was really looking forward to checking them out, so I hope they reopen.

                        1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

                          UPDATE on Crudo's Italian Market now "IL PARADISO CAFE"

                          I saw the neon "open" side on my lunchtime drive. Stopped in hoping to pick up a quickie lunch on the go. The market and deli case is gone, it's all cafe seating now for off the menu ordering.

                          "A new concept in Italian Dining, where Naples meets New York in Florida" is on the front of the take out menu.

                          Classic Antipasta, Pasta dishes, Entrees. Lunch specials, etc. I didn't have time to wait for an order, but I'll check it out in the future.

                          I was in during late, late lunch hours and there were a few business people at tables.

                          IL PARADISO CAFE
                          520 W State Road 436
                          Altamonte Springs, FL 32714
                          (407) 262-9000
                          "Across from Congo River Mini Golf"
                          Closed Sundays


                          1. re: winechic

                            Thanks for the update, winechic. I'm looking forward to giving them a try! B

                            1. re: winechic

                              That's actually disappointing. We certainly have lots of little Italian restaurants, but an Italian deli and market was something new and unique, and Orlando isn't exactly overflowing with them. I just wish I had been able to check them out.

                              1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

                                I agree, Lou, I think Crudo's had a real niche and methinks the owner just didn't give it enough time. During the visits I made, there were other people picking up market items, in addition to ordering sandwiches. One couple drove in from Deland and made me promise to tell everyone I knew about Crudo's so they had plenty of business to keep open! Oh well, it will be interesting to see if the restaurant can survive in a crowded market. Off the top of my head I can name two Italian mom and pop restaurants in Altamonte Springs close to Paradiso that couldn't make it....so we'll see....

                2. We were able to find tradizionale balsamic vinegar at Bull Fish in Winter Park. They're an odd combination - a doggie boutique with a small wine selection, a decent stock of Riedel stemware and decanters, and "gourmet" oils, vinegars and sauces in the back.

                  Does Il Paradiso carry decent balsamico, as well?

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                    Check out Fresh Market in Dr. Phillips or Altamonte Springs, they have a great selection at various ages and price points. Just picked up my favorite yesterday at Fresh market and saw the same stuff in The Gourmet Shoppe which I just posted on, but it was quite a bit more there.

                    Cavallari Gourmet in Oviedo also has a small selection of Vinegar and a nice selection of condiments and fun foodie noshes.



                    1. re: starbucksbrew

                      Well done! Just enjoyed dinner at Harmoni last week.

                      The second Harmoni Market location opens downtown in the building across from The Sanctuary building, (home of Beacon, Fifi's and Graze) sometime this spring.

                    2. Just thought I'd throw in my 2cents.....how lovely it would be to get a Dean and Deluca type place maybe in Winterpark. Maybe if we add enough posts someone will notice the need. ( I doubt it, but here's hoping!!! )

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                      1. re: mmuch

                        Here is my vote for Dean & Deluca.

                        1. re: mmuch

                          I agree! I would love to see a Dean and Deluca in Winter Park or Baldwin Park. My husband and I stopped by the original store during a recent trip to NYC... WOW what a place!

                          1. re: foodie116

                            It is amazing, I shop D&D online...but it just isn't the same. : ( Like you, I would LOVE to have one down here. We can dream!

                            1. re: winechic

                              I also do the D&D shop online and look forward to the day when I can actually shop a D&D in person :::sigh::: You know things are bad when I'm travelling and purchasing food items instead of shoes to ship home *LOL*

                        2. There's a new place that just opened on Fairbanks called Cucina Due. The deli is fantastic. There is a small wine section. They have nice olive oils and imported Italian food. They told me they are going to expand the grocery area, but since they just opened on Monday it's still quite small.

                          There is also a place called Antonio's in Maitland - again Italian. The link for the Orlando Sentinel was great. Good luck!

                          1. After reading the nice reviews about the Gourmet Shoppe in Uptown Altamonte I stopped by to see the store for myself. I was truly dissapointed in this store. I stopped in after work and the place was empty. I asked the clerk if they carried a certain brand of food products. She said no and went back to her PC. I looked around the store as it had some interesting items/foods. I was there 15 - 20 minutes and she did not once look up from her PC or asked if I needed anything else... too bad as I was in a shopping mood and willing to spend $$... her lack of customer service assures that I will not be back again. I will stick to Petty's and Fresh Market where they are always happy to see me and take my $$

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                              Bummer to hear about your experience!

                              When I popped in I was asked if I could be helped upon walking through the door and then left to my own devices. I had a few questions about items and asked, was given courteous answers.

                              I wasn't showered with attention, but that is my preference as I like to be left alone.

                            2. Well, Whole Foods is opening up in June, and they are certainly larger than Fresh Market.

                              1. I just found this site and forum...dont know how I missed it, but very nice! I recently moved to the area a few months ago and just checked out this new Gourmet Shoppe in Uptown Altamonte last weekend.
                                It is a small store, but lots of really good and unique products, especially for gift giving. I know they did have some gift baskets on display, now whether they customize them, I dont know, but the ones I did see were very nice.
                                I am a huge cheese and wine lover as well and I will say that their wines were very nice. Small selection, but good picks. I was told by the associate that they pick and choose which wines they want to carry, so maybe thats why they have only a few. Also, there is a WineStyles in the same center, so maybe they cant compete too much?
                                In any case, the store was steady when I was in there for about 10-15 minutes and I received very good service. I dont like to be stood on top of by sales associates either, but the lady asked if I needed any help, invited me to try their samples and was very nice, knowledgable and courteous when I did interact with her.
                                I picked up some teas and a few other small things, but I'll definitely be back for some cheese, wine and other goodies when I get the chance.
                                I signed up for their mailing list and was also informed that they are going to have more events soon like some sort of cooking demos, instructions or something of the like, so I guess they are trying to grow and add more things for customers. Overall, I enjoyed the store...I hope it does well!

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                                1. re: orl_foodie

                                  I don't want to spread misinformation, but I drove through Uptown Altamonte yesterday, and the Gourmet Shoppe looked empty, like it had gone out of business. Their website is down too.

                                  1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

                                    The Gourmet Shoppe closed a few weeks ago -- they didn't even make it until Christmas.

                                2. I found a wide variety of specialty & gift items at Truffles & Trifles on Smith St (about 1/2 block west of Edgewater Drive in College Park). They are more known for classes & equipment but they have some ingredients and gift items. It was the first place I saw tomato paste in a tube (I don't get out much!). They have a web site also that might give an idea what is available.

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                                  1. re: graycm

                                    Thank you SO much for posting this - I've been on the hunt for a place that has great cooking classes and since Sur La Table is way too far and a "Williams Sonoma" culinary demo is just not idea of a "class", this merits some serious looking into.

                                    1. re: justanothagal

                                      The 2009 class list is out, my Hubby and I love to go to Truffles and Trifles for their classes.


                                  2. Try the International Food Club on Mcleod Road; granted, it's not fancy but it is super clean and very reasonably priced for imported items; there are hundreds of items from around the world. They have fresh Greek cheeses, frozen foods from India and the Middle East, and even British chocolates and desserts.

                                    They also have an in-house bakery and cafe that serves homemade falafel sandwiches (delish) and European pastries. It's kind of hidden away, but a real treasure trove of fresh, imported foods.

                                    They don't have a website, but they are listed on Citysearch. Here's the link: http://orlando.citysearch.com/profile...

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                                      My husband and I just moved from S.Fl and are missing Doris's Market http://www.dorismarket.com/. Is there ANYTHING Like this here?? And also what is someone's take on Deloach's meat market in Casselberry? Missing S.Fl, believe it or not : (
                                      much more diverse.

                                      1. re: yogababe69

                                        did you find a place similar to doris's ?

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                                          I shopped at Doris market in S. FL. too, I have been unable to find the Italian Pizza and bread flour here in Orlando. It is the double 00 Caputo or any other brand! Antonio's deli told me they usually carry it but they only had a 55lb bag at this time. They said they were looking for another distributor and they did offer to call me back. I use this for focaccio, pasta and pizza dough, it's the best! I can get it mail order but the shipping charges outway the price of the flour. If anyone knows a good source in Orlando fl. for italian 00 flour let me know!