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Nov 15, 2007 08:11 AM

Recs for Lure & Drinks before- Mercbar?

Hi all- so I'm going to Lure this Friday night. I've been before and LOVED the Lobster roll and cheeseburger. I'm going with a bunch of people who like to share so is there anything else there you would recommend?

Also we need a place for drinks pre-dinner. I'm thinking of Mercbar but I've never been. Is it too "cool guy" or crowded? I'm also thinking of Pravda. Thanks!

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  1. merc bar is pretty "cool," does get crowded. i haven't been in ages, but here is just about everything else very nearby:

    depending what time you go, Lure has a great happy hour and good bar atmosphere...In fact, I might go there tomorrow for a drink!
    Centovini wine bar is around the corner (w.on Houston) (expensive, good wine)
    A bit further w. on Houston is Pegu Club (expensive, great cocktails)
    The next closest drink options are puck fair (nice pub) and nolita house (smallish though, both e. on houston)

    i've also loved anything i've had there, so enjoy! hmm i found the tempura shrip app pretty tasty and anough to share. thats all i can think of at the moment...i hear the tuna sashimi/salad is excellent- i don't eat that though. oysters & shrimp cocktail are fresh & delish too.

    1. I've only been for happy hour, as I'm still on the student budget, but those apps are pretty tasty. Haven't tried the wine they offer by the glass ($4 beers though). Usually I stick to the $1 oysters. Shrimp cocktail was great as well.

      1. Go to Bar 89 next door on Mercer if you want to drink the best drinks in the city!

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          Thanks for all the replys! I also think Bar 89 has some of the best drinks in the city! We had too many people for their bar though. Ended up at Pravda & Fanelli's prior and Swift after. Perfect night.

        2. I want to like Lure more than I actually do; while my recent dinner there was tasty, they were definitely flaws that cause me hesitation in coming back.

          My boyfriend and I did a DIY oyster tasting, ordering 2 of each kind they had that day. It was 14 oysters. All were fresh and tasty, but the raw bar was "a little backed up" and it took a while to get to us. When they arrived, they had been hastily shucked and I ended up picking out pieces of shell on numerous occasions! The cracked crab claws were excellent but on the too chilly side and I had frozen fingers by the end. The toro tartare was a very good tuna tartare but I failed to see the difference that "toro" cuts of fish made.

          We did order the fabulous burger, Lure style, and split it; they thoughtfully split it for us, as well as splitting the fries, giving us one onion ring a piece, as well as splitting the dipping sauces. This was probably the best part of the meal.

          One disconcerting thing to note: the temperature of the room fluctuated wildly from being chilly to being a bit warm, and this occurred all throughout our meal. Very strange.

          Overall, the oysters (minus shell bits) and burger were excellent, everything else was merely fine, but I won't be rushing back. The total was just under $150 including tax and tip.