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Nov 15, 2007 08:04 AM

cioccolata calda - italian hot chocolate

Does anyone know where I can find italian hot chocolate around Boston? It's nothing like "american" hot chocolate: it's thick, almost like chocolate pudding, much less sweet, and totally delectable. Having tried it once in Italy, I'm longing to find some more.

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  1. I haven't actually seen it by name, but acouple of ideas:

    Have you tried the drinking chocolate at Starbucks? I know, I know, chain-anger and whatnot, but it's rich and dark and lovely.

    Have you been to Burdick's? They have fabulous hot chocolate.

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    1. re: gini

      Sadly, I'm pretty sure Starbucks discontinued their drinking chocolate a while ago. It was surprisingly good. Chantico, I think it was called. Almost as good as Burdicks. I think they sell it

      Definitely, Burdicks. Amazing.

      1. re: gini

        Third Burdick. As far as I'm concerned, it's the only game in town for this kind of drink. In addition to their dark chocolate, they've recently added milk and white versions to their menu, for which I have little use. That said, they've also started giving the option of a smaller size drink; the hot chocolate was previously only available in a 10-ish-oz serving, and since I was powerless to stop consuming the tasty beverage I'd invariably feel ill for the rest of the day.

        If you ever have an itch for a day trip, Burdick's cafe in Walpole, NH is more spacious, and serves a pretty good country French menu, with more reasonable prices than you tend to find around Boston.

        1. re: finlero

          Yes, I was happy to see that a small (2 ounces?) serving is now available. I've only had the Burdick's hot chocolate a couple of times, and quickly learned that I find the experience of drinking a melted chocolate bar kind of overwhelming, much as I love chocolate. I yearn to enjoy a cup with a side of a big mug of steamed milk to cut the richness!

          1. re: Allstonian

            I love the Burdick's hot chocolate as well (and I'm also happy that they have a demi size, as noted the regular cup would pretty much do me in for the rest of the day); however it really isn't like an italian hot chocolate, which is more cocoa-powder-based and thickened with cornstarch (as the OP said, like a chocolate pudding). It's darker and less rich than the french style that Burdicks serves. Campo de Fiori in Harvard Square used to make it, but they're gone; I haven't ever seen it anywhere else around here.

            Add me to the list of people who miss Starbucks Chantico. It was slightly less alluring when you saw them pump the sludge-like chocolate base into the cup, but it was damn good nonetheless.

            1. re: MichaelB

              Third person missing Chantico. I very rarely crave hot chocolate, but when the urge hits, I want something like that. Sludge-like base or no.

              I wonder if they'd bring it back if we started a letter writing campaign?

              1. re: yumyum

                I must have missed something with the Chantico. I tried it once and thought it was disgusting. Ended up throwing out 3/4 of the cup!

                Burdick's on the other hand, I love. And I have to admit that I absolutely have no problem finishing the normal-sized cup :-)

          2. re: finlero

            The cafe has a very good cheese list heavy on Vermont cheeses, in addition to the fantastic hot chocolate...

          3. re: gini

            Other than Burdick's, I also love all the hot cocoa options at 1369 (Inman and Central Squares, Cambridge). Their almond joy - coconut and almond shots in hot chocolate topped with whipped cream - is just awesome.

          4. I think some of the shops in the North End carry it in boxes of little packets. I agree, it's fantastic.

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            1. re: porcospino

              I actually just found it online, in the US:


              It's not cheap (with shipping, if you get 3 boxes, it ends up about $2.20 per packet!!), but sometimes, it's nice to splurge... :-)

            2. Hi SusanaG, I was married to an Italian and we use to take this home from Italy:


              It is nothing like American hot chocolate; it is thick and something closer to pudding. Sadly I cannot find "Cameo Ciobar" for sale on a site that delivers to US. Need to ask my European friends for a favor I guess :)

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              1. re: italianbydivorce

                "Cameo Ciobar" , I believe this product is original German by "Dr. Oetker" as the picture on the given website indicates ( re oval with ladies head ) see here
                although on this site they advertise a 'white' one.