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Nov 15, 2007 07:54 AM

Daniel, Danube, Bouley. Pick One.

Title pretty much says it all. If you could eat at one of the three which would it be and why?

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  1. Bouley over Danube. Haven't been to Daniel.

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    1. re: Lucia

      I agree with Lucia. I like the food better at Bouley. Service and decor are also excellent.

      1. re: BW212

        Have to agree. Daniel surpasses the others even though Bouley is fantastic. I may be biased though because I feel Daniel is the best in the city bar none.

      2. We went to Danube recently (do a search I posted a report). It's atmosphere and ambience over food, with a few exceptions. Service was excellent. I have not been to Bouley in years. I would choose Daniel because I have never been.

        1. Definitely not Danube. Either Daniel or Bouley, with me tending towards Daniel.

          1. Hopefully these links will help you make a informed decisions. Both feature pictures of what you'll be getting on the tasting menu!

            My experience on Bouley:
            An experience on Daniel:

            I have yet to try Daniel, but it seems Bouley will deliver more value for money as I think it's under half the price. I may be wrong...hounders feel free to correct me on this one!