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Daniel, Danube, Bouley. Pick One.

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Title pretty much says it all. If you could eat at one of the three which would it be and why?

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  1. Bouley over Danube. Haven't been to Daniel.

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      I agree with Lucia. I like the food better at Bouley. Service and decor are also excellent.

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        Have to agree. Daniel surpasses the others even though Bouley is fantastic. I may be biased though because I feel Daniel is the best in the city bar none.

      2. We went to Danube recently (do a search I posted a report). It's atmosphere and ambience over food, with a few exceptions. Service was excellent. I have not been to Bouley in years. I would choose Daniel because I have never been.

        1. Definitely not Danube. Either Daniel or Bouley, with me tending towards Daniel.

          1. Hopefully these links will help you make a informed decisions. Both feature pictures of what you'll be getting on the tasting menu!

            My experience on Bouley: http://www.gobbl.com/blog/417
            An experience on Daniel: http://www.gobbl.com/blog/608

            I have yet to try Daniel, but it seems Bouley will deliver more value for money as I think it's under half the price. I may be wrong...hounders feel free to correct me on this one!

            1. Been to all three and without a doubt I would chose Daniel

              1. Daniel all the way!!! Bouley was horrible in my past experience..read one of my posts...says it all....Danube is not on the same level as Daniel...so definately go to Daniel!!!

                Have fun!!!!