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Nov 15, 2007 07:47 AM

Harrisburg/Hershey Thanksgiving Dinner

Hope somebody can help. Parents with 2-year old travelling to Hershey for the Holiday to get out of DC. Looking for a place that is nice but not fancy because of the kid.

If you know DC, we would prefer someplace like the Tabard Inn not the Willard (to nice) or Clyde's (boring chain).

We are currently booked at the Fountain Cafe at the Hotel Hershey.

Any other places you would recommend?

Thank you in advance for any help.

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  1. We like the following places in the area. I am not sure what is open for the Holiday (Lancaster, PA) (Harrisburg
    ) (restaurant is John J Jefferies


    The Hotel Hershey is a very nice place, but I have not been there in years.

    Have a Safe and Happy Holiday.... We will actually be in DC for the weekend!

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      Thank you for the information. Have fun in DC.

    2. I live in Hershey and would reccoment Houlihan's (also owned by Hershey Entertainment) on Chocolate Ave. and Park Ave. If Hershey Pantry is open while you are here, be sure to try it! They have the best breakfasts ever! They are on Chocolate Ave going towards Palmyra. Hotel Hershey is too overpriced and no one local goes there! Everything else is chains like Bob Evans, Red Robin, Fuddruckers, and Applebees...not really holiday fare, but still good food.

      Hotel Hershey
      100 Hotel Road, Hershey, PA 17033

      Hershey Pantry
      801 E Chocolate Ave, Hershey, PA 17033

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        I'll second the recommendation for the Hershey Pantry's breakfasts. You might have to wait, but it's always worth it. I grew up in the area and always try to stop in when I'm back for a visit. I imagine it will be a nightmare on Friday because of people going Black Friday shopping over at the nearby Hershey outlets, though.

        Sorry I can't offer any suggestions for Thanksgiving. My parents are always complaining that there aren't enough good casual restaurants in the Hershey/Lebanon area. Hershey has a lot of chains to cater to tourists coming in to go to Hersheypark.

        Hershey Pantry
        801 E Chocolate Ave, Hershey, PA 17033

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          Not sure if they are open, but you might try Devon Seafood....

          1. re: BRI328

            Devon Seafood is great even if it isn't open for the holiday. I've only been once but I can't wait to get back (we live an hour away).

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          Hi - since you live in Hershey another question for you. We are meeting friends that are also driving. We are staying at a hotel that has a "kitchen" so was thinking of just eating a simple meal in our room. Was looking for a "Boston Market" type of place where we could just pick up what we needed. I see there is a BM an hour away, but wondering if there may be something more local. Also checked into the grocery store option, but you need to heat the turkey in an over for an additional time and we only have access to microwave. Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving

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            There is a stand at the West Shore Farmers market in Lemoyne called Let's Talk Turkey. They have all kinds of things made from turkey, so you don't have to buy a whole bird. You should be able to find something that will fit in a microwave. There are lots of other prepared foods at this farmers market that would make great accompaniments. The market will be open Tuesday and Wednesday before Thanksgiving. If you are arriving a day or two early and if your hotel kitchen has a refrigerator, this might work for you. Lemoyne is 20-25 miinutes from Hershey. It's just across the Susquehanna River from Harrisburg. Check the West Shore Farmers Market website for location and directions.

        3. About 20 min weast of Hershey on 322 is a place called Quentin. Quentin's tavern does a thanksgiving day buffet with turkey and all the fixings.
          I live in Lebanon, and eat here often the food is fantastic.

          1. These are all great suggestions folks, but why are we responding to a 2 y.o. post??? I really think this person had their Thanksgiving meal in Harrisburg/Hershey already.

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              This is the OP. My kid is now five. We still go to Hershey after our Thanksgiving dinner in DC. Today we are going to Art and Soul and then we drive to Hershey. Fountain Cafe at the Hotel Hershey was one of the worst meals we have every had and we still laugh about it today.

              Hotel Hershey
              100 Hotel Road, Hershey, PA 17033

              1. re: Good_Food

                I would be the first to agree that the Fountain Cafe was horrible. Thankfully, they closed it down and replaced it with Trevi 5. However, I haven't been, so can't say if it is actually an improvement.