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rosedale/danforth - mains avg $20?

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here's the scenario:
- start point danforth (approx pape), end point rosedale subway station
- italian (i suspect this was picked as a catchall for preferences)
- main average $20
- group of 10+
- half the party will be dressed to the nines and the rest potentially quite casual
- saturday night

where would you go?

i'm willing to break out of the italian restriction just because i think my visitor is trying to accomodate a variety of palates. some searching brought up trapezzi and pastis express. other suggestions? not entirely greek focused would be appreciated though.

i don't personally like cafe nervosa and i'm a bit skeptical of toni bulloni.


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  1. Trapezzi was the first thing that came to my mind also.

    1. Cantine is a 10 minute walk from Yorkville, at Avenue and Davenport. They bill themselves as an Italian Bistro. I've never been there, but have always wondered about them. Here's the website:


      Menu looks reasonably priced for the area.

      1. If you go a bit north of Rosedale, there is Terroni at Yonge and Balmoral (just north of Summerhill) - well within your price range and they will accept reservations with a group that large in the side room. Other than that, I don't think there's any Italian on that stretch of Yonge Street - if you lift that restriction, then I would definitely recommend Pastis - ate there again recently and had a really solid dinner. There's also Amuse Bouche, though I haven't tried it since they moved to their new location. I love Cafe Doria for lunch but it's too small and too casual for your group.

        1. I went to Caren's Wine Bar on Cumberland recently and was quite impressed, considering food in Yorkville is generally overpriced and underwhelming. I can vouch for Cantine - it's really good, but it's a casual atmosphere. Avant Gout on Yonge St. is even better and has a slightly more upscale feel. I've heard quite good things about 1055 on Yonge St. but I've never been. Also, Lakes on Yonge St. is supposed to be good, but I haven't tried it - it was featured on Restaurant Makeover a couple of years ago.

          1. What about Seven Numbers at 307 Danforth Avenue? We've had very good luck with the food there. It's a pretty small space, though, so I'd make a rezzie for a group your size.

            7 Numbers Danforth
            307 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4K1N7, CA

            1. first, i just want to say thanks for the variety of suggestions. they're great but i had to do some quick moving on this because another friend of my visitor started taking the lead.... unfortunately she wanted to lead us straight to insomnia on bloor (!?!?!) after grano and messis didn't work out.

              so we're going to trapezzi!