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Nov 15, 2007 07:42 AM

ISO high-quality pizza stone

I'm sick and tired of inconsistent, crappy delivery pizza and decided to take matters into my own hands. Any ideas on where I can source a reliable pizza stone in the GTA for use in a standard electric oven?

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  1. I just use unglazed quarry tiles in my oven. Cheap and works fine. Measure your oven rack and get enough tiles to fit. The seams where they butt together are not a problem.

    1. After cracking three so far I'd agree with Nyleve that quarry stones are the cheaper and smarter way to go.

      If you want a stone I'd try and get a large rectangular one which you could also use for breads, etc. Tap Phong had them a few months ago for about $25.

      1. I'll agree with Nyleve too. The tiles are cheap and effective. I bake breads on them as well. I've never had one crack (even when I create steam with a spray bottle) and they store easily when you need the oven for something else. Try Home Depot or Rona.

        1. It's expensive about $120 but we love our all-clad pizzia stone.


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            I have two pizza stones - one was a gift from William Sonoma which I am sure wasn't cheap. The second one we bought a couple of weeks ago at Nella on Queen East for only $17. It is great having two in the oven so you have two flavour combos. If you have to heat your oven to 500' you might as well as make two right?

            1. re: professor plum

              We got a really really good quality one for about 45 bucks at Progress, the amazing discount store in Kensington Market - a very good deal - presented it to a friend and he says it is like night and day how his pizzas have improved now. This store has wonderful bargains in top quality kitchen stuff, but it comes in now and then, so keep checking with him - we get Emile Henri bakeware from him at prices as low as those US discount places that don't ship to us here...

              1. re: js288uk

                Nice one js..thanks for the tip!

                1. re: js288uk

                  Wow, where exactly is this store located?

                  1. re: Mila

                    Progress? I think you're talking about Sasmart - across the street from Denison Park, always with stuff out on the sidewalk. I LOVE that place. All my everyday dishes are Emile Henri that I got there for a song quite a few years ago. They're not carrying quite so much E.H. anymore but it's still just the best treasure-hunt in town. They do have a lot of professional quality cookware and kitchenware along with a ton of hilarious 60's and 70's stuff that I don't know where they got but it's original. Great place.

                    1. re: Nyleve

                      Very exciting, a discount kitchen store I didn't know about AND I was heading to Kensington tonight.

                      I found this little blurb in Now with the address.

                      "Best little-known kitchenware store Sasmart

                      From the sidewalk, this Kensington Market spot, with its piles of plastic pails, chamber pots and pinnies, looks like a Portuguese discount house . It is. But half the store is a bargain-hunter's gadget paradise. Next to religious kitsch, find end-of-line European dishware and period martini shakers. Pick up this season's foodie kitchen essential - stainless steel ginger graters - for under 20 bucks. 6 Denison Square, 416- 596-6415"


                      1. re: Mila

                        I never wanted anyone else to find out about this place. Oh well, now it's out.

                        1. re: Nyleve

                          Nyleve, I pinch your cooking tips and recipes from home cooking board, and now I've found your secret kitchen store.

                          I bow down to you, chowhounders like you make this board great. Thanks for sharing.

                          1. re: Mila

                            Wow - thanks. But the truth is I've gotten as many great tips as I've given. Probably more. This is a heck of a resource.

                2. re: professor plum

                  The Williams Sonoma baking stone costs $52 - I was in earlier this week looking for one.

                  1. re: sman

                    Keep in mind though that the stone from Williams Sonoma is guaranteed for life. Keep the receipt and you can get it replaced if it breaks. Even if you drop it, they will give you a new one.

                  2. re: professor plum

                    Just today I decided that I must have a pizza stone but need to be educated. When you say "two flavour combos" are you referring to making two different pizzas or are you saying that different stones create different pizza flavours? Also... too bad that someone hasn't provided a bit of an answer for Gnuf at the bottom. I'd like know more, e.g. What size are the unglazed quarry tiles from Home Depot and how would you put them in your oven? I'm getting the impression that they may be 6"x6"... Do you just place them snugly side by side in the oven and place the dough on top with nothing under them?

                3. Could somebody enlighten me as to what the difference is using an expensive stone vs. the $10 pizza stones that are so widely available? I'm not trying to be sarcastic, I'm just geniuinely curious as I don't seem to know what I'm missing. I've had 1 cheap stone crack on me, but given the price I just bought another one. My pizzas have always turned out fine. Is there any difference in baking quality etc? Any idea why? Porosity or density of the stone or something?