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Nov 15, 2007 07:38 AM

Anyone know what happened to Laura's & Lucca in Bellmore?

A couple of weekends ago my husband & I did our usual last minute weekend "what do you want to do for dinner - there's no more leftovers" thing. I called Laura's & got some wierd message about the phone # being out of service. Called again & got the same message. Then I called Sage Bistro & got a recording (we're usually too last minute for a reservation anyway).

We hopped in the car & drove to Laura's to see what was going on. Since we had to drive east on Merrick Rd. we peered into the window at Sage Bistro. They were jammed. We avoid lines, even if it means missing out on good food. We continued north to Laura's. They were closed! We came back & checked out Lucca - the were closed also! They had a closed for repairs sign on the door, so we optimistically hoped that was true (rarely is). Tried to look in the window at the one that was on tv (forgot the name), but the lot was full (I know - doesn't mean much it's so tiny) & the windows were too steamy to see inside.

We ended up at Stellas. Love their food, but we wanted something a little more upscale & different.

Then I saw a note in Newsday that Laura's & Lucca were out of business. What's going on?

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