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Nov 15, 2007 07:36 AM

Unusual Eats In Atlanta?

What are some places that offer unusual foods in Atlanta? I've been here for a couple years now and I am fairly familiar with the city, but would love to find out about places that offer unusual food.

I am a big fan of offal and all foods Zimmernish, of just hard-to-find. Love to try anything.

In Atlanta I have had all kinds of intestine dishes at a bunch of oriental restaurants (one at Tasty China has also pig blood chunks). Pig trotters. Goat curry (mmm...delicious). Yellow jack sashimi presented as the entire fish. Lots of beef tongue and wild boar sausage. I am going to try a seasonal Korean stew that uses haddock roe, soon. Have not yet had bone marrow or brain here, or any insect.

I'd also like to explore the obscure Mexican restaurants on Buford HW more. And what about some suggestions for great charcuterie and markets that serve food on the side (like Star Provision)?

Please recommend!

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  1. Porto Brasil in north Sandy Springs on Roswell Road has an excellent buffet. We have eaten there several times for Sunday lunch @ $8.95 each. One of my favorite items are their chicken hearts, but it is all very good.

    Stefan's on the Square, when it was called Slovakia, served bull's balls. Most restaurants use euphemisms to describe such dishes, but Stefan uses a very direct translation. I would describe the dish as more interesting than delicious, but I had to try them. I am a sucker for anything on a menu that I have never tried before.

    The goat at Mi Pilon on Buford Hwy at Mitchell Road (outside I-285) and at Haveli on South 120 Loop at Franklin Road (just west of I-75) are both very tasty - along with their other tasty offerings.

    Tasty China can provide several additional new dining experiences as you work your way through the menu.

    1. I like to try unusual stuff too - though I don't think I'm quite as bold as you. I've had some unique vegetables and new treatments of food at Pura Vida in the Highlands, like goat in a light curry-coconut milk broth over smashed green bananas. The Germans are known to eat some crazy stuff too, so you might try Kurt's and see if they'll do Sauerbraten or some other local specialty for you.

      1. Thanks for the recommendations. I will definitely try.

        I finally had the Korean stew. The roe used was actually Pollack roe. It turned out to be a little bland.

        1. Try 306 Quan. They have things like Balut, dried shredded squid, and the like. You can read about it here:

          6000 Singleton Road

          Suite 318

          Norcross, Ga

          1. I second Kurt's--dont know if youve ever had schweinhacsen with red cabbage.He makes it like they do in Bavaria,roasted real well,very crispy--also has spatzle as well.Plus lots of various sausages,including bloodwurst.You may have to call and see if they make the schweinhacsen all the time,or just weekends/
            The Bombay Grill on the access road offI285 near N Peachtree Rd has excellent Indian food as well,with some very unique appetizers.Prett sure he's got goat curry.