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Nov 15, 2007 07:34 AM

Kid Friendly in Gaslamp District?

Staying @ The Omni next weekend with my two little ones (3&10)...looking for dinner places that we'll be comfortable in. Trying to avoid the CPK's and chains.

All foods good...Japanese or Mexican esp.



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  1. Zanzibar cafe for breakfast lunch and dinner would be a great choice.. On 7th and hmm J? H? next door to the Pannikan.. not sure... ask the hotel.. The new Hard Rock just opened.. havent been there yet though.. There is a cafe inside.Aqua Al down by you.. great pasta..There are so many restaurants where you are..I think they will al cater to kids.. There is also Mr Tikis.. food is not exceptioanl but very themey.. I think the kids would have fun there.. There is also Bucca De beppa.. a chain I knw.. but would keep the kids entertained..

    1. Gaslamp is pretty touristy, so, unless you're dining later in the evening, I would imagine most places would be kid-friendly. Also, with its proximity to the ballpark, I'm sure most of the places cater to families (at least early in the evening). That said, I would recommend Kiyo's (about 5th and F St.) for Japanese. Not high-end, no spectacular decor - just good Japanese food. It's a hole-in-the-wall but you can't beat it for Japanese food downtown. Red Pearl Kitchen for both Japanese and Chinese is good, too. Candela's for Mexican, but it is a bit pricey, and I'm not sure if they have a kids menu. Sammy's Woodfired Pizza is a local chain, but it's pretty good. Seaport Village is very much a tourist trap, but you can't beat the views and it's a nice place to take a stroll. In Seaport Village is Buster's Beach House. It serves up lots of kid-friendly food, and there's an arcade in the same complex, as well as a carousel. If your kids like seafood, The Tin Fish is reasonably priced and good. And, if you feel like a treat, there's a Ghiardelli's ice cream & chocolate shop on 5th. Enjoy your visit!