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Nov 15, 2007 07:02 AM

Last trip to NYC: Gramercy Tavern. This time?

A few months ago when I last visited the city my girlfriend and I went to Gramercy Tavern for our last dinner in the city. The food was just about what we were looking for. Nice fresh ingredients, simply prepared and prepared well. The service and atmosphere however were outstanding. I am looking for a restaurant for my next trip that offers something similar in the way of atmosphere and service. We are open to different types of cuisine (preferring French, new America or Italian).

We are looking at Babbo if we decide on Italian. For French or New American, I'm not quite sure where I want to go. Per Se is unfortunately way out of my price range so rule that one out. Remember along with good food we are looking for great service and an atmosphere similar to what we found at GT. Thanks in advance.

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  1. For Italian, Babbo is the way to go, so definitely stick with this choice. Even if you can't get a reservation, do walk-in at 5-ish and enjoy your dinner at the bar. You will not be disappointed.

    As for French / New Amercian, food at Blue Hill is also served with fresh local ingredients with simple cooking to accentuate the flavor and freshness of the food. In fact, the current chef at Gramercy Tavern came from Blue Hill, so you will certainly find some similarity in the style of food that is served in GT and BH.

    If you want to try something slightly different but not too "exotic", I think Eleven Madison Park will be a great choice. Do a search and you will find plenty of reviews about EMP.

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      I have read a little bit about Blue Hill but not being from NYC I am a bit confused. Are there two Blue Hill restaurants? If so are they both in the city and which should I look into?

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        There are indeed two Blue Hills, one in Manhattan (75 Washington Pl btwn 6th Ave & MacDougal St) and one in Pocantico Hills. The latter one is attached to Blue Hill's own farm where they grow all the vegetables and keep all the animals that go into your meals. Of course the same ingredients are used in the Manhattan restaurant, but you get the benefit of seeing the farm and a possible tour if you visit the stone barns.

        If you have the time and don't mind the traveling, by all means go to Blue Hill at Stone Barns. I think it is a better experience overall. However, if you have limited time in the city, go to the one on Washington Place, where you can still enjoy delicious fresh food.

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        Like others, I was thinking of suggesting EMP, too.

      3. If you liked Grammercy Tavern then you'd probably like 11 Madison. Same owner, different chef, and the food there gets better and better each time we go.

        1. We like Gramercy Tavern a lot, and we just love Eleven Madison Park. A bit more upscale, fantastic room, also very friendly & professional service. I have dined there 4 times since May, plus one lunch, and have loved every second of it. The food is excellent.

          1. If Italian is the decision, may I suggest another option that's more low key but guaranteed just as delicious as Babbo? Basilica on 46th between 8th and 9th. Beyond delicious - tiny little space, with all the charm of being in Italy. The food will not disappoint you. If Broadway is truly back up and running, you'll want reservations.

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              With all do respect, Basilica is not in the same universe as Babbo.

            2. EMP is great. Cru would also be a fine choice. The atmosphere is a bit warmer than EMP and the food and service are in the same league.

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                Cru has the better wine list right now if that is a factor.