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Nov 15, 2007 06:42 AM

Magic Oven is overrated, overpriced

some of the things from magic oven are very good, like their fettuccini pasta dish (which is the only thing i'd ever order from them), but others are just fair to poor in quality, like their pizza.

for prices like that you'd expect the pizza to taste better than it did. some parts were too salty and it wasn't even enjoyable.

on top of that, they messed up my order on numerous occasions, promised to give us credit on our next order (which we never got and there was no record of it and after a short argument ended up getting in the end)... they've also completely forgot about us and didn't deliver to us for about an hour where we had to call for it again and ask them what the deal was. the garlic spinach topping is brown from being overcooked and tastes nothing like garlic (or barely spinach for that matter).

magic oven is completely overrated and overpriced. they are poor quality and people there don't know how to make anything. they've messed up our order many times, which is very frustrating and unacceptable for a business. i don't know how they stayed in the game for this long (it must be all the crazy organic people who only go there because it's the only natural pizza shop). it's important to note that only maybe 1/8 of the items on the menu are organic (and that's probably a generous guess). the rest is claimed to be local (for the most part) and natural. i'm into natural and organic but i'd rather go somewhere else and pay less for a pizza i'd actually enjoy.

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  1. Which location are you dealing with normally? I'm no longer a fan of the place myself for the taste/quality reasons described, but have mainly dealt with the Broadview location and haven't had huge problems with the service there.

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    1. re: Pincus

      I live on the borderline between the Broadview and Dupont outlets and ALWAYS order from Dupont (since it opened). IMO much better than Broadview - for all of delivery, takeout and eat-in.

      1. re: Pincus

        i'm at the dupont location. i've got friends who order from the broadview location and were disappointed with them too. maybe they vary which location they decide to suck at next but the truth is they screw up constantly, no matter what location.

      2. I wonder about their "local" claims as well since they have a huge variety of ingredients and the same menu year-round.

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        1. re: julesrules

          i was thinking the same thing myself! when you're a restaurant ordering large-scale, chances are you aren't going to try to source from small farms in ontario. you'll take the shipment available that matches your needs and usually this isn't local, it's large international companies.. that's how it works with organics anyway. it's easier to just buy international.

          1. re: dr_t

            Yeah, without some independent trusted standards board looking at such claims, restaurants can say anything about this. "Local" might just mean the truck pulls up to their back door to drop off the ingredients.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. I gave up on Magic Oven long ago. And I live close enough that I can pick up, or at the very least, the delivery should arrive hot. It took me years and years to find good local pizza. My eureka moment is captured in the following link. My saviour - Bona Pizza!