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Nov 15, 2007 06:21 AM

Dinner in W. Village near Arthur's Tavern

I'm taking a small group (5 people total) to jazz at Arthur's at 9:30pm tomorrow night. It's on Grove between Bleecker and 7th Ave.
i'd like to have 3 or 4 restaurant options for dinner beforehand (7ish).
any great recommendations? preferably places that aren't too loud, good food, not ridiculously expensive.


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  1. agave is right by arthurs. corner bistro for burgers. crispo & piadina for italian. i think piadina's is a great little spot. it is definitely quiet and rustic. it is cash only. i was on a date once and we had to go dutch bc he didn't know. arthur's is a fun spot. enjoy the night.

    1. Snack Taverna, August, Little Owl (if you can get in/are willing to wait), Po, Little Havana

      1. August, Piccolo Angolo, Mas, Paris Commune--all those seem to fit your criteria! Good luck!

        Dru's NYC Eats

        1. Moustache (mideastern) on Bedford, Da Andrea (Italian) on Hudson, Malestesa (Italian) on Washington. Cafe Condessa, Surya on Bleecker

          1. Agave, Snack Taverna, Chow Bar and da Andrea are my top choices. Crispo is also great but may be a little out of the way for you. Perilla is also excellent, though a bit more expensive than the others.