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Nov 15, 2007 06:08 AM

Saveur Lambshanks Remainder

I made a braised lamb shanks dish from the Chicago edition of Saveur magazine.

I then saved the cooking liquid. I chilled the liquid and skimmed off the fat. It is now a gelee rather than a liquid. I would like to thin it with chicken stock and use it to make a risotto.

Am I crazy? Will this work?

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  1. Will it work? (1) Logistically, yes -- when you heat the jellied liquid it will thin. Sure you could thin it more w/ chicken stock.
    (2) Tastewise -- not so sure. Lamb shanks are kinda funky (as in: strong flavored). If you're set on using the braising liquid, I might try it w/ barley and mushrooms (and perhaps some dried porcinis).

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      I watered down the gelee, used it as the liquid for risotto, finished with butter and parmesan. Very good. Rave reviews.