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Nov 15, 2007 05:57 AM

Dinner TONIGHT!!!

My boyfriend made a bit of a mistake recently, and wants to take me out to a really nice dinner tonight. I would love to go somewhere that does a tasting menu paired with wine if possible, but due to my generally limited budget, have NO idea where to go around Boston. I did the one at Gracie's in Providence for my college graduation there and was blown away, so would love to do something along that line. Suggestions?

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  1. Troquet on Boylston Street. Great wine, great tasting menu

    1. Try T.W Food in Cambridge. Food is prepared by a classically trained chef. What comes out their kitchen surpasses anything that the Cambridge area has offered to date. They have a Vegetarian tasting menu as well. If you want to seriously appreciate flavors & ingredients then it's the place to go to.

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        I like and admire T.W. Food, but I'd hardly agree that it surpasses anything else Cambridge has to offer. It's certainly the most devoted to the Slow Food movement, with its emphasis on locally-sourced and sustainably produced foods and wines, but that doesn't mean everything that comes out of the kitchen is mind-blowing. I think it's mostly good, but you pay a big premium for the Slow Food business, and not every dish is a home run. I don't know everything about the chef's training, but I do know he makes an overly-big deal about having staged for a few months in some Michelin 3-stars in France: I hope that's not the classical training you're referring to.

        Some worthwhile tasting menus I'd recommend: Clio, Pigalle, L'Espalier (the degustations -- I haven't tried the "Chef's Tasting Journey"), Oishii Boston, Craigie Street, No. 9 Park, and Salts.

        1. re: MC Slim JB

          MC got me. You're right. I'm just a bit excited to see a new place come into town that really IS trying to do "good" and present it in their own way. Give them a chance... they are doing what they love. (an no, I'm not related to them either.:)

          1. re: ciaalum

            I'm definitely on T.W. Food's bandwagon: I gave them a mostly favorable review for the Dig (though I would have preferred to review it later, after it had been up and running for more than a month or two), cited them in my Phoenix piece on neighborhood restaurants worth getting out of your own neighborhood for, and recognized them in the stuff@night Dining Awards issue (with the "Alice Waters award for dedication to the Slow Food movement").

            They still manage to do something every time I visit to undershoot perfection: both the kitchen and service need to work on consistency. But they're in the vanguard of something that will only get steadily bigger (e.g., I saw in the Globe's Dishing blog that the New Oxford American Dictionary made "locavore" its word of the year for 2007.) As I've said before, it's the kind of independent neighborhood restaurant Boston can’t have enough of: daring and soulful, with a clear-eyed point of view. Who wouldn't root for that?

            1. re: MC Slim JB

              MC, you're the best. Definately the answer I was hoping for. I haven't been keeping up with "the scene" lately, so I apologize for me not knowing other things you've put out there on T.W. I'm eatin' in up.

      2. Haha. My man must have messed up real good if you're getting a tasting menu out of it. My wife loved Clio when I took her there, but I like L'Espalier better. Our favorite tasting menu of all time is Arrows, but that's about an hour and half drive to Ogunquit, ME.

        Then again, nothing says I'm sorry quite like Aujourd'hui. I might have him take you there just for the opulence of the experience. I've heard the tasting menu is exquisite.