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Chorizo in NJ-ish?

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Fixing to make chorizo and cornbread pudding for Thanksgiving--anyone know where I can find good chorizo in the Northern NJ area?

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  1. ShopRite's in CT by me carry D'Artagnin (sp?), which is very good. If you are near one in NJ, they may have it also.

    1. wegmans had both the mexican and the spanish types

      1. Pretty much go to a grocery store.

        1. When it's bait, you call it squid. When it's food, you call it calamari.

          Same thing.

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          1. We've gotten really, really, excellent spanish and portuguese sausages (chorizo, linguica), on Ferry Street in the ironbound section of Newark. I can't remember the name of the place, but it's a small market with a large meat department. I believe there are also some butchers on Ferry Street that would be good as well.

            1. Your best bet is to go to the ironbound section in newark. Pretty much any of the places there will have good chorizo

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                The Ironbound is definitely the answer! The one place I remember the name of is Seabra's--they have a supermarket on Lafayette Street, which runs parallel to Ferry (1 block south of it) but only westbound. SO. Take Ferry in from Rt. 21, turn right on Monroe, and when you get to Lafayette, turn right and the market/pkg lot is immediately on your left. They have a HUGE selection of chorizo, as you can imagine...

              2. Kings in Morristown carries Palacio Chorizo. Wish I could find it in lower Westchester but it is iimpossible. Never thought it wouldl be so difficultl. They have D'artagnan but but Palaciio is much more authentic.