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Nov 15, 2007 05:14 AM

Penza's Pies in Hammonton

Has anyone been to this place? It was profiled this week on Al Rokers 'On The Road" show on The Food Network for Thanksgiving. It's located on Rt 206 South, north of the Route 30 intersection. I've driven by there numerous times, but have never stopped. Any opinions? The pies looked fabulous on TV, and on the website as well.

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  1. These are a staple in our home during the holidays. The apple pie weighs about 6 lbs. They're wonderful. We've had the apple, the very berry, the fruit and ricotta....all are exceptional... Can't be beat for a real treat....and a time saver, even driving 30 mins. to get them. Enjoy!

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      I did take a ride out there last week and sampled two pies. Absolutely delicious. I brought home some blueberry muffins that while $3.00 each, were full of fresh blueberries and were also excellent. The pies are so beautiful they don't look real. When I came in I thought for a minute they were those candles that are made to look like pies, they were so pretty!

    2. never had the pumpkin, but the apple and ricotta are out of this world

      1. I haven't been there, yet. My co-worker drove from Eatontown just to try the place. He had seen it on the Food Network. He and his wife had breakfast and bought pies. He said the breakfast was very good and the pies were great. He's planning on going again.

        1. Yes, the pies here are excellent! It turns out their son attended the same boarding school I did years ago. Whenever I am late coming out of the Pine Barrens, stopping here appeases my wife. :)