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Nov 15, 2007 05:12 AM

Opinions on Tundra?

Has anyone eaten at Tundra, the restaurant in the downtown Toronto Hilton? I get emails from them now and then and the menu does look appealing. Is this just another case of hotel restaurant hell (i.e., "I'll only eat there 'cause I'm here on business and stuck staying in the hotel")? Or is there some real talent in the kitchen to make it worth a visit?

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  1. was great when it opened and when it really focused on canadian food, but in recent years has become a 'hotel dining room' in the bad sense

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      Sigh, as I feared. Thanks for the feedback.

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        I had dinner there three times this year I think they have a new chef. i found food and service to be excellent it's a great spot to go before or after a show at the Four Seasons Centre.

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        145 Richmond Street West, Toronto, ON M5H 2L2, CA

        1. Took a chance on Tundra bar area a couple of Fridays ago after the ballet. Delicious lobster mac 'n' cheese ($15) with big chunks of lobster. Also very tasty grilled cheese sandwich (small but still yummy). Reasonable prices on wines by the glass and martinis. Only complaint was the server's questionable attitude.