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Nov 15, 2007 05:02 AM

Sushi Metsuyan in Queens

Hi everyone. I know there are other topics about Sushi Metsuyan, but they all seem to be more than a year old. I just suggested to my boss to take a big client there because he is looking for a place in Queens with a nice ambiance...but I wanted to make sure they were not going to have a bad experience there. Obviously, nothing is ever guaranteed, but can anyone tell me if Sushi Metsuyan is a good idea, and if not, can you suggest something in Queens, not terribly expensive with a nice atmosphere?


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  1. it's my favorite kosher family restaurant for enjoying the food, period.
    but there are more impressive places to take a "big client" in Queens,
    their 18 foot long dead rock marine aquarium seems a little cheesy,
    but their menu is vast with too many delicious choices for one visit.
    service can be inattentive and spotty, so I would talk to the waiter
    beforehand privately with the promise of a great tip, if he helps you
    keep the "big client" happy. it's not terribly expensive there either.
    Main street is a family restaurant zone; if you want something more
    impressive, go to Utopia parkway, Great Neck or the Five Towns.

    1. A correction, while he is taking a client, it doesn't seem like its the "big client". He said specifically he wants "one step above a diner" (I guess that's what the client likes) and the client wants it to be in queens

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        after reading your new qualifications, I can confirm Sushi Metsuyan's a great choice, and I was just there a few Months ago. It's no table cloth and flowers restaurant, but it's clean and comfortable with a dark woodsy moderately Asian decor. I never met a dish in that restaurant I didn't like, but you need to watch the little things so the waiter doesn't embarrass you, like; including serving spoons and steak knifes when appropriate, keeping the water glasses full, remembering to get you plenty of their excellent house cole slaw and dish specific condiments, etc.

      2. what about patoug? springfield and horace harding, no question the best food in queens, amanzing service, just always empty, which freaks people out for some reason

        its in the same price range as sushi metsuyan, with a little less of the main street, people talking really loudly, waitress annoyed you want your water refilled AND a new fork to replace the one she knocked off your table, atmosphere

        as a note, if you go there and charge, it shows up on your credit card as "number one"
        no mention of the word patoug, i just got through disputing a chanrge, that i didnt realize was them, bc what on earth is "number one"

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        1. re: shoelace

          terms like; number one, golden, five star
          are used to communicate quality in a lot of
          Mediterranean, Indian, or Asian restaurants.
          it's a foreign culture thing...

          Thanks for pointing Patoug out. I'll have to try it the
          next time my folks want to take us all out for dinner.