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Nov 15, 2007 04:55 AM

No more apple jelly or pineapple preserves?

I have a condiment recipe that calls for 18 ounces each of apple jelly and pineapple preserves, among other things. I probably got the recipe in the late 80s and I've made it any number of times since then. Last time was maybe two years ago. I have never had a problem finding the ingredients I needed in a basic supermarket.

Yeterday afternoon, I made the rounds of 4 supermarkets in the Yorkville area of Manhattan. In the first one, I couldn't find either the apple jelly or the pineapple preserves. In the second, they had the pineapple, but not the apple. In the third, neither. In the fourth, they had the pineapple again, but not the apple. However, this was the only place I found quince jelly and I made an executive decision: take what you can get. I won't know until I taste the end product this evening if it was successful or misguided.

But the point is, whatever happened to these old supermarket items? They used to be on every store shelf and now I'm afraid my chutney recipe may be going the way of the hoola-hoop. Take a look at the jam and jelly aisle in your local market, wherever you are, and let me know if you see either of them, will ya?

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  1. I'll look when I go to H.E.B. here in Schertz this weekend.But I think I have seen both here in the store.Odd you had trouble finding either one.
    Even though they are old fashioned,they markets by you should still carry them.

      1. re: alkapal

        It's a sweet/hot sauce I only know as "Governor's Sauce." The recipe came from The Governor's Inn, in Ludlow, VT. It combines pineapple preserves, apple jelly, white horseradish, yellow mustard and black pepper. You serve it poured over a block of cream cheese and spread it on crackers. And it turned out just fine with the substitution of quince jelly, which I used since I couldn't find apple.

        1. re: Deenso

          aka "Jezebel Sauce" (of which there are variations):

          1 - 18 oz. jar pineapple preserves
          1 - 18 oz. jar apple jelly
          1 small can dry mustard
          1 small jar horseradish
          1 T cracked pepper

          Recipe notes it is a "delicious condiment with pork or roast beef" and says it keeps in the fridge "indefinitely."

          1. re: alkapal

            Well, now I'm disilllusioned! I thought they made it up at the Inn.
            As we were enjoying last evening, I was thinking it would go great with a nice, salty country ham.

            1. re: Deenso

              well, your instincts were spot on. it *is* good -- and now you see it's so simple, too! add a fresh hot biscuit (or two) with that ham, and you are good to go...

      2. While I never thought of pineapple preserves as an "old supermarket item", and I have never looked for it, you can get apple jelly under $2 at my local as of last week.

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          Frank where is your local. I am desperately searching for apple jelly and dont want to have to order from smuckers.

        2. Waldbaums in brooklyn has the apple jelly. It's is their brand, America's choice, and it very good.

          1. Not sure if Knott's makes them, but you can buy random brands on Amazon.