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Nov 15, 2007 03:13 AM

Best fine dining lunch?

We may not get to go to any fine dining for dinner during our stay because the closest fine dining is about 1hr away from where we are staying. We are staying at the Woodland Plantation in West Pointe a la Hache which has wonderful food but wanted to try some of the NO fine dining. Which of the the fine dining rest would you suggest for lunch? We probably will be ordering fish. I was thinking that after flying in we could eat lunch somewhere nice before heading south. Are there any fine dining rests somewhere close to Woodlands? Any in Belle Chase? If not what is the best fine dining lunch in NO?

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  1. Um, no real "fine dining" in Belle Chasse (some good food, though). NOLA is lousy with great restos that serve lunch, though you'll have a few more choices if you're lunching on a Friday. Galatoire's, Lilette, Herbsaint, Bayona, Emeril's, La Petite Grocerie, August (Fridays)....

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      I'd only warn that Friday at Galatoire's is terribly noisy--I try to avoid it if I can. Last time I went on Friday, I took a visiting friend who'd eaten lunch or dinner there every day of his stay (except Monday of course) for his Fond Farewell before returning to England. There were four exceptionally loud drunken parties, each claiming to be a birthday, of course. We moved tables three times and nowhere was safe. It did not calm down until about 4:00. One waiter remarked "If the old man (Mr Justin) were still alive, you would'nt have this c--p." Friday has become such a see-and-be-seen day (and forget Friday before mardi gras!) that it can be tiresome. Plus, arrivistes see it as a chance to "misbehave" the way many tourist think Mardi Gras suspends all laws.

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        It is going to on a Friday, Dec 3. I have looked at some of the menus and have narrowed it down to Rest August or Cuvee or Herbsaint in that order. Will we need a reservation for 3 at these places for lunch? I really wanted to try Brigtsens but we proabaly will not go to dinner this trip and if we do it'll be on Monday night when Brigtsens is closed. If we end up doing dinner on this trip, it'll be Cuvee or Herbsaint. The problem with dinner is that all of the restauarants are at least an hour away from where we are staying. We can hit one of the lunch places on the way from the airport to Woodlands. Of the above three which would recommend for lunch?

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          Reservations are ALWAYS a good idea. August is a little more formal, Cuvee & Herbsaint slightly less so. All three probably have menus online, if that will help you to decide.

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            Predicated solely on dinner, and not lunch, I'd give Restaurant August the nod.


      2. I'd try Drago's on Lake Ponchatrain - wonderful seafood tho' famous for their charbroiled oysters. In Belle Chase, there's a great "joint" right across from a soft shell crab processing place - definitely not a fine dining place - just fine dining.

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          Drago's isn't on Lake Ponchatrian, it is in fat city. Are you thinking of something else?