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Nov 15, 2007 03:12 AM

good ethnic markets/ bakeries in NH?

I'm looking for ethnic markets where I can get items that I typically can't find anywhere else. Any ideas?

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  1. There is definitely a shortage of interesting ethnic markets in NH. Saigon Market off S.Willow in Manchester on Maple, I think, is quite comprehensive for Asian foods. Angela's on Chestnut on the north side of Manchester is good for high end gourmet Italian.

    1. There is a "Saigon Market" in downtown Nashua as well, iam sure it is run by the same folks. Besides the Asian groceries there is a smattering of Hispanic, Indian, African interspraed throughout the store. They also have live Tillapia, plus a usually large selection of other fish {not live} i know on weekends they often have live crabs and other fish/shell fish. On weekends also they have sandwiches made of Vietnameese cold cuts, plus a selection of fresh dumplings, deserts etc etc There is also a small Turkish grocery section at the "Seven Hills" Turkish restaurant at 57 Factory St in downtown Nashua. The food at the Turkish restaurant is good also, ive been to lunch there several times, it may not be as exotic as you might think, but the food is good and i am suret all cooked to order, it is run by a very nice couple from Turkey.

      1. I forgot to mention the address of the "Saigon Market" in downtown Nashua, it is located on Pine st, i dont know the street number off hand, they also have quite a large selection of meats; beef, pork, poultry, also smoked goat. Goat is something ive been wanting to try, but usually dont care for ANTHING smoked. Does anyone know where they might sell fresh goat, and have a favorite way to prepare it?

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          Isn't there a Russian market in Nashua? I thought there was a news story on them in the past year or two. There's a small convenience store in Concord that carries some Greek items. It's on the street that's on the east side of the Federal Bldg that runs to McKee Square. Before we recently discovered Saigon Market in Manchester, we got our oriental groceries at the market in Portsmouth. I think it's on Woodbury Ave.
          Here is a link to a farm in Epping NH that sells lamb and goat meat.

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            Yes, there is a Russian store in Nashua, it is on the corner of Kinsley and Main streets, iam not sure what types of groceries they carry. there are at least two Indian shops on Amherst st, one is called "Palika Bazaar" 427 Amherst st, iam pretty sure there is another on close by also. there is a Korean Store off of Main St also in downtown Nashaua called "Dokdo" its at 23 A Main st, there is an Indian market in the South End on Nashua but dont know the name or address, there is another Asiam market on Amherst st Nashua, but dont know the name or address, but is in the same general area as "Palika Bazaar." the Indian shop i had mentioned before.

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              The Greek market is on South Street in Concord.

              There is also a convenience store in Concord with a variety of good Indian grocery items. I can't remember the name, but it's on North Main. If you're headed from Main St, it's on the right side, immediately before the 393/Rt4 turnoff. There's a small sign that says "International Groceries".

          2. Thanks for the tip on the goat meat also!

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              There is a place in Manchester on Valley St that sells goat meat. It is in the same strip mall as an asian market as well. I think it is called "Spice Market" But I do know it is right next door to Gill's Indian Restaurant (which is absolutely wonderful btw)

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                I have no excuse now, not to try goat! Thanks!

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                  it is actually very good... try cooking it with rosemary and thyme.

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                    I've had goat curry that was to die for. :)